" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 14, 2018

Active and Overactive Imagination and the Lost Knowledge of the Imagination?

I listened to a few interesting podcasts and read a few interesting articles and stories this week that were all kind of linked together in my imagination anyway:-)
Active Imagination
"Jung pioneered the technique of active imagination, a process by which the ego engages with imagery and content generated by the unconscious.
Active imagination can help us understand our dreams, and lead us into new psychic situations. On today's episode, we share some personal examples of active imagination, discuss some suggestions of how to engage in it, and explore what active imagination has to do with snorkeling. The dream:
I am about to light four candles on the dining room table, each in its separate candlestick.
They are ivory-colored tapers and are about two-thirds consumed already.
Two of the burned wicks are quite short and two are long, curling at the top.
I am arrested by this fact as it seems significant and I’m somewhat afraid of getting it wrong somehow."
Fairy Tales
"Why do Jungians care about fairy tales?
What is their relevance in analysis?
How do they differ from myths, and why do they matter to us still?
Find out what fairy tales have mattered most to our clients, and why Lisa gets cranky when people criticize fairy tales for being sexist.
The dream:
I dreamt of a big cockroach.
It was standing like a human and it was going to be transformed.
Book mentioned:
The Book of Symbols

Gary Lachman used to play under the name of Gary Valentine in the band Blondie.
"Gary wrote the music to the band's first single, "X-Offender", and popularized the band's sixties-retro look.
In 1977 he left the group to form his own band and was replaced by Nigel Harrison, just as Blondie were starting to gain recognition.
His song "(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear" was a UK top ten hit in 1978, and was subsequently recorded by
Tracey Ullman and Annie Lennox."
The Tide is High for the Dark Archetypal Angel of the Water and the Sky?
On the subject of guys with the last name of Valentine, I also listened to a podcast about childhood over imagination at James Valentine's podcast 'Head Room' -
You’re freaking me out
I wrote about listening to one of James' 'Head Room' podcasts about the F word in my last post -
The Following Contains Strong F#cking Language?
I then heard Joshua Cutchin on two podcasts examining faeries, aliens and child abductions to top things off in a 'Twin Peaks' kind of way.
"Joshua Cutchin joins us this week to discuss his new research from ‘Thieves in the Night’, exploring the folklore connections to the phenomena of alien abductions and mysterious disappearances.
In our Plus+ extension we look at the occult concept of Egregores, the powerful thoughtform entities that influence human destiny.

I imagine it would be a dull world without imagination, overactive, active, or otherwise;-)
I think it's time to keep myself a log of all the dreams I have from now on.
Dreams that Can Save Your Life?
End of post and logging off.

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