" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 10, 2018

How Much Free Will Do We as Egos Really Have and is That Something Worth Thinking About?

Just who is the magician when it comes to "your" life? there is a dirty four letter word to some people...or maybe to most people if we care to really think about that word, because it leaves us all feeling like the puppet of some cosmic puppet master who is pulling our strings to guide us through our lives.
Pick a book if you feel like it...or don't...that's up to you really?-)
We all like to think that we are in control of our destiny, at least to some degree, or that some "God" that has our back is guiding us through life to a glorious re/union with said "God".
But what if life is just a predetermined ride that you agreed to get on at the start knowing pretty much how that ride was going to play out, but "you" had to take it to know just how it would feel to go through that ride?
What if like that Derren Brown video at the top of this post where Derren plants all the seeds in those clever advertising guy's minds to make them come to their own free ideas about developing an ad campaign for a taxidermist chain, that that's how we think through our own lives?
And what if Derren Brown was just being played by "life" the exact same way to think he was manipulating these guys thoughts with his clever thoughts? 
 Maybe that was just Derren's fate in life at that particular point and not his clever ego running the show like he would hope?
Just an idea I had really.
As my free will would have it...or maybe that should be fate(?)...I picked up 'The Book of the Law'  to have another read through again last night...but I feel asleep just after reading the intro to this edition.
I read "the book" years ago, but personally I can't stand the ego who was Crowley (but not that he really wrote it anyway, right?), as from what I've read of Crowley's life my conclusion so far is that he was a pompous self centered prick whose life ended badly for such a "great" magician.
But if you had the guts you could probably say the same about Jesus, PKD, Jung or David Foster Wallace, just to name a few great egos that have walked the earth in the flesh...or so we are told.
Just sayin'.
Superstar...or just a man/myth?
So just how much of life comes down to fate...if any?
Think what thou wilt, I guess?-)
Because you will, that's just the starring role you signed up to play in life anyway, I think.
But you are free to think what you like, right?-)
93...sorry, I mean 23;-)
The number I was given the other night:-)
...or don't
The # I was given in 'Hellmouth' diner:-)
A mural in 'Hellmouth' vegan diner, Brisbane
I guess even the life of a vegan can be hell at times:-)
Not that I am a vegan though

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