" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 21, 2018

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal ... So Go with the Flow?

When I was writing my post about Simon Baker's new movie 'Breath' I referred to an article in a local Sunday newspaper supplement titled 'Go With The Flow'  -
The Six Degrees and Synchromysticism of Simon Baker?
In that same newspaper supplement the above article caught my eye, well not so much the article, but the dress that Kasey Chambers was wearing in that article.
I'd recognize those leaves on her dress anywhere, as I have two of those leaves hanging on my living-room wall, which I've written about before -
The Metaphorical God of Good/Bad?
Once I saw Kasey's dress with those leaves like on my magpie prints I read the article and found it to be very shamanic in tone.
The article was about how Kasey came to make her latest album 'Campfire' and it said in that article , "but there was something gnawing at her subconscious and she couldn't nail it down until she found herself at a musical festival on the Aboriginal community of Doomadgee, almost 1000km west of Cairns, last August
"I don't know how to explain it but I felt this earthing", she says.
"The land I was standing on was grounding me and saying to me 'you need to be really present right just remember where you are standing right now.
And remember who you are"."
Zach's Ceremony
It's a very small world it seems.
The Doomadgees rented a house a short walk up the road from my childhood home I found out when I went to see 'Zach's Ceremony'.
That was the same cinema complex I saw Simon Baker's movie 'Breath' in this year by the way, where Troy Cassar-Daley and his wife Laurel Edwards were sitting right behind me throughout that screening.
I saw that Kasey was going to play at one of my favourite venues, the Brisbane Powerhouse and I had just been to see Dami Im play there on May the 4th when I read that newspaper article -
Seeing a Local Star on Star Wars Day?
And I recalled seeing the similar magpie print hanging on the wall of the Powerhouse the night I went to see Dami, so I saw this as a sign that I had to go see Kasey's Campfire show.
There was even a song on the 'Campfire' album called 'Fox & The Bird'.
'Fox & The Bird' reminded me of that fox and owl video I wrote about in this post -
The X Factor in Synchronicity?
After connecting all the dots I felt the universe was nudging me to go see this 'Campfire' show at the Powerhouse, so I went to the Powerhouse site to get a ticket, but the show was sold out.
I had missed the boat here, but now I felt an even stronger nudge to see this show for some reason.
I checked to see if there were any other shows within driving distance from my home and saw there was a show on the day before the Brisbane show on the Queensland border at Twin Towns RSL club.
I thought if the Brisbane show was sold out then the Twin Towns show would be as well.
But no, there were still tickets left and even one pretty close to the stage in row EEE7
7 is my life number, so was this one more sign for me? 
I had only ever seen one concert in my life at Twin Towns and that was Vanessa Amorsoi when she was in the charts way back when.
The Twin Town's club is on a river and near the beach as well, so it's a pleasant drive along the river to the club once you get off the freeway.
I went down early in the afternoon to avoid the Friday freeway rush-hour and had a few beers and some food and watched my Cronulla Sharks beat the NZ warriors on the TV in the bar.
I went into the showroom in a good mood with my football team pulling a lucky win out of the fire at the last minute to keep with the campfire theme of the night;-)
The stage set up for the night was made to look like the musicians were seated around a campfire in the outback with childhood slides of Kasey's family life projected on the screen in the background.
A bit more ash is added to the campfire with Ash Grunwald on stage
The big surprise on the night was that Ash Grunwald just happened to be in the audience that night and Kasey spotted him and called him up to do a song.
This made me "Happy" because he sung a song about sharks, which was quite comical.
I met Ash a few years back even though it is still "Now" -
NOW Here is a Synchronicity
Looks like I was lucky to get a second chance to see Kasey's show I guess;-)
Hmm...424 likes...another personal sign for me?
I notice that Kasey likes to pose on top of toilet seats in
her Twitter feed with the dress she is going to wear on the night of her shows.
Which reminds me of one of the first records I ever got signed by a singer.
It was a song called 'Redback on the Toilet Seat' by Slim Newton.
I'll have to request that song next time I go to a Kasey Chambers show;-)
I'm glad that I went with the flow and saw the show, because life is not a dress rehearsal.
You have to get up and go with the flow ... but just make sure the lid is closed before you do:-)

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