" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 23, 2018

Jungiananthology Podcast?

On my quest for new podcasts that really interest me I came across one that I was surprised I had never stumbled across until this week.
Artwork hanging around my dining-room table to keep me on track
I was sitting at my dining table facing the two wall hangings that I wrote about in a previous post -
Are You Unlocking Your Divine Destiny...or is it Unlocking You?
and I wanted to listen to a podcast on my iPad while I was eating breakfast.
There was nothing in the podcasts I already had that I thought was worth listening to.
Bird Card Medicine?
I was reading the above book at the time (still am) and I wanted to listen to a podcast series that combined shamanism and synchronicity, so I put similar words into the iTunes search engine and I found some good podcasts to listen to that I hadn't heard of before, but the one that stood out to me was one titled 'Jungiananthology Podcast'.
But it was the spiral on the podcast's icon that really caught my attention, as I was basically staring at that spiral which was also hanging on the wall across from me, which I had written about in the post I mentioned in the above link.
I went to the very first episode and was nearly blown away as it was titled -
Chrysalis: The Psychology of Transformation
It was a talk by Marion Woodman recorded in 1984 and in hindsight it is really worth a listen to today, because it is probably even more relevant when she talks about Orwell's novel '1984'  and computer technology that was scaring people back then.
I also thought it was ironic looking back through history now when Marion mentioned how everyone wanted the happy ache-typical lifestyle of Charles and Dianna and then she mentions the modern tragic pop-cultural archetypes like Marilyn Monroe,
James Dean and John Lennon.
Marion even threw in Mother Teresa, as well.
Mother Teresa would pass away the day before Princess Dianna's funeral oddly enough.Looking back at Dianna's tragic life now Marion just about ticked all the boxes that would apply to Dianna's tragic life and death.
But for me personally the idea of transformation and butterflies has been on my mind since last year when a butterfly seemed to be sending me a Jungian type message, which I wrote about in this post -
There is Harmony in Everything, It's a Butterfly Who Waits for the World?
The Crow Butterfly outside my kitchen window in 2017
Happy New Year 2018?
I bought a bottle of sparkling wine with butterflies all over the label last New Year to toast 2018 in, as I felt that 2018 was going to be a year of transformation big time for me and that I would either come out transformed like a butterfly emerging into a new stage of life, or I would die in my cocoon, either metaphorically or for real.
I had even bought a new mat featuring butterflies and moths at the beginning of 2018 to replace one that had roosters printed on it, which I bought for the 'Year of the Rooster' last year.
The next podcast I listened to at the 'Jungiananthology Podcast' site was one titled -
The Pilgrimage Home
China Galland gave a talk about pilgrimage, which mainly centered around the Black Madonnas in Europe and Latin America.
This caught my attention too, as I like the idea of the pilgrimage, plus I had just been reading the latest 'Secret Sun' post which featured the Black Madonna.

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