" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 28, 2018

Bloody Weird Yellow/Orange Moon?

Looking at the moon and Mars from my front door July 28th, 2018
I set my alarm for 4(I?-)am this morning to get out of bed and watch the moon turn red, beginning at 4:24 am.
424 as longtime readers of this blog would be sick of reading was my father's old taxi cab number, so it was kind of eerie for me seeing all over the local news that 4:24 am was the time the partial eclipse would start. 
Taking pictures on my cell phone never seems to do the scene justice and the first picture I took I forgot to turn the flash off, but at least it gives an idea of just where I was standing and the roof that I was standing under.
I could never get any real decent shots of the moon, as I kept getting orbs where there was really nothing to see with the naked eye.
That orb at the top of the moon shouldn't be there in real life and neither should the one a fair way under the moon.
The dot to the left of the moon is Mars, the dot to the right ain't there in reality
No matter how many shots I took I couldn't lose the orb at the top of the moon which wasn't there to the naked eye.
Now the orb appears to be floating under my roof guttering 
I tend to think cell phone lenses a somewhat faulty when it comes to capturing light rays, who knows?
But nevertheless it was a meaningful fault of the lens if this were the case for me.
No different than say a scarab beetle landing on a window while telling Mr. Jung about a beetle dream you had, I think. 
At 5:30 am just before the moon set below the treeline the moon looked more orange than bloody and it was too dark the show up in a descent photo from my cell phone camera, but I found the orange moon to be personally ironic to me, as my father's old "yellow cab" always looked more orange than yellow to me:-)
Longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century to shine bright red in Australia's early morning sky
The old cab I used to drive around that once belonged to my father
As the moon set in the  west and the sun was on the rise in the east, a group of kookaburras started laughing in the distant treeline and then a bunch (I detest the word "murder" to describe a group of crows) started to crow, which reminded me of going down to see 'The Counting Crows' sing their big Joni Mitchell cover hit 'Big Yellow Taxi', which they never sang at Bluesfest by the way -
I Read the News Today...Oh, Boy! Sad, but Synchy News on So Many Levels to Me
I have to admit that I like Joni's version better...sorry guys.
Blood moon or big yellow orange moon?-)
Well, I'm glad I got my ass up out of bed and had a look at the moon, but now it all seems like a dream as I type this post up.
Synchronicity: The Unifying Connection?
Crow, crow, crow your boat gently down the stream?-)

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