" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 2, 2018

Using AI to Study Synchronicity?!

It sounds a bit fXckin creepy to me when spooks get involved in studying (and with AI) a subject like synchronicity.
Nora has been in the Operations and Intelligence fields for over 30 years specializing in Human Performance Intelligence and Predictive Intelligence in a real-world environment.
Nora is known as a leader, visionary and leading-edge strategic thinker and has an uncanny ability to blend various issues and provide viable solutions in high pace environments.
Over the years she worked with Fortune 500 Clients and many others.
Nora has been involved with National governance of numerous organizations.
Nora began a quest years ago to unlock the code as to, why are some people aware of somethings and another person is not?
What role do your acts and omissions play in this process?
What is the meaning of Life for one person and not another?
What roles do energy fields play in this process?
When the invisible and visible worlds speak to each other what language do they speak?
We are all part of the universal infinite Life Code.
The majority of people barely understand that we are part of a code until we look in the rear-view mirror of life.
We have a reached a point in our time when we can look at individual – and decipher the codes in a person life and then integrate the information in to a larger picture.
The codes provide the road to clarity for the person if they chose to regarding their life’s role allowing them to become ‘aware’.
An aware person understands their meaning in life.
One of the path’s to becoming aware is to able to show patterns of an individual’s life and to assist them on the path to consciousness and makes them aware of synchronicity and by doing this we move collectively forward in a positive direction with in the infinite universe and stress becomes a thing of the past.
The goal of Lifes Code© is to use a platform that has been created to support people in their life’s journey by recognizing and understanding the pattern’s in their life using minimal information. Like Minds.
Different Paths.
One Destination©[?!]"

That's all the world needs now ... more "men in black" and in cahoots with AI.

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Luna said...

Looks to me like this Nora used to work for government, not any longer, so she's offering her services to anyone who's interested in the private sector. Which makes you think that government has been there, done that, and moved on since.