" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 26, 2018

It is the Sign That's Important?

Jung, the Scarab and the Fox?
The owl and the fox?
May the fourth be with you?
Physician, heal thyself?
A sign inspired from Jake Kotze
I just read a good post at Mike Clelland's blog 'Hidden Experience' titled -
"The owl isn’t important" gleaned from hypnosis
That's a portion of Mike's post above, but probably is the most important part of the post.
Click on the link above to read the rest his full post if you are interested.
It's not that the owls are not important, because they are ... for Mike and anyone else WHO/HOW receives an important message from them, but in shamanic terms the owl is no big deal as far as messages go, I feel.
A robin, fox, butterfly or beetle could be just as potent as say an owl or a UFO (not that I have seen a UFO).
"Synchronicity is the face of a deeper level of inter-connectivity" Tony Vigorito
I wouldn't be throwing the owls out with the bathwater if I were you Mike, but it's good to see that you are starting to realize that there is more floating around in the bathwater besides owls.
A spacey (not Kevin:-) scene from 'Twin Peaks'
Starring Art Bell?
It's no wonder they say art imitates life and vice-versa;-)
Jake Kotze interview, On the Road to the Olympia Sync Summit
An anagram of owls or just a sign?-)
A sign inspired from Jake Kotze

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