" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 14, 2018

Synchromystic Stuff: 42 Minutes to ZeroKnight and My (Over)Active Imagination?

A still from the old 'UFO' TV show
A still from the Dolan's latest You Tube video about 9/11
Notice the ring on the middle finger of the UFO woman above?-)
There is a blog-site called 'Synchromystic Stuff' run by some mysterious blogger that goes by the name of 'Synchrobrarian' and the site is just a collection of so called "synch-heads" who tend to blog about synchromysticism and related subjects.
I tend to keep an eye on the site to see what the bloggers I like have been writing recently.
The majority of the blogs at this site are interesting, but there are some bloggers (leaving aside the guy who writes 'Just Watching the Wheels Go Round';-) who are just f*ckin' idiots with probably some real mental health issues.
Not naming any names but here's one clue for you of one blogger I think writes from his padded cell and claims not to be a racist (...but) - HeLP?
Anyway, I had just been listening to one of the bloggers on the list that I do like following (above) and Gordon's latest podcast was with Dr Becca Tarnas about Jung, Tolkien and "active imagination".
I'd also just listened to Gordon on Richard Dolan's podcast and then listened to Richard's other podcasts that looked interesting to me.
A S.H.A.D.O  from the past from the 'UFO' TV show?
I'd just written a post about Richard Dolan's appearance on the latest 'Higher Journeys' podcast
Richard Dolan: Alien Abductions?
And then I saw that 'ZeroKnight' had written a post called
'The Hero’s Jordans' with a picture at the top of that post of an actress from the old 'UFO' TV show who to me looked a lot like Richard Dolan's wife.
"UFO, the first live action series from the creators of the classic puppet series Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Supercar.
UFO told the story of the agents of a top secret Earth defense group in the near future of 1980, SHADO
(Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defense Organization), and their constant battle against the ongoing invasion attempts of a mysterious and dangerous alien race."
My, what green eyes you have;-)
A still from the old 'UFO' TV show
Lt. G. Ellis Moonbase UFO tv series by vhtovar on DeviantArt
S.H.A.D.O  from the past from the 'UFO' TV show?
The Hero’s Jordans
Interesting essay by ZeroKnight I thought, but maybe this post is just a product of my overactive imagination?-)

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