" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 9, 2018

"Linda Came Back to Me as a White Squirrel"? Paul is Nuts?-)

Reading the newspaper the other day I saw the piece (Pipes of Peace?-) about Paul the Beatle telling about his encounter with a white squirrel just after his wife Linda had passed away.
I hear this said all the time, that someone came back as a butterfly, an owl ... a white squirrel even,(;-), to send a meaningful message to a loved one, or a sign that they are OK.
And I get what that person is trying to say when they say it.
It's not that their loved one has reincarnated as the animal in question, it's just that somehow the universe has aligned in such a way as to deliver a personal message ... a synchronicity.
I've seen this stuff happen first hand, so I know what Paul is talking about when he says, "that Linda came back to him as a white squirrel".
He's not actually saying that Linda IS the squirrel, but that somehow she has used the squirrel as a messenger in some universal language that connects the encounter personally to bring meaning and comfort into his life, and maybe to think a little deeper about just what life is all about anyway.
I've written about my own meaningful coincidences with butterflies that seemed to me anyway, to bring a personal message from beyond the veil -
There is Harmony in Everything, It's a Butterfly Who Waits for the World?
The Crow Butterfly outside my kitchen window in 2017
And what do you make of this you tube clip of a robin visiting Mrs. Robinson at her son's grave?
Just a coincidence ... or a "meaningful" coincidence?
Robin at Son's Grave Moves Mum to Tears
Mrs Robinson's robin
Being John Lennon and Synchronicity
Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band

Synchronicity: The illusive elephant in the room?-)
 And of course just because you see something doesn't mean that it's not an illusion still, but maybe it is a meaningful illusion for those who have eyes to see?
Oddly enough, as I'm writing this post up my son sent me a message in response to me sending him a message about me seeing 'The Meg' at the cinema the other day and the film getting stuck for ten minutes when I saw it -
The scene in 'The Meg' where the film jammed when I saw it at the cinema
Mind Sharks in the 'Year of the Dog'?
He wants to see the new 'Christopher Robin' movie at the cinema this week.
I'm not into Christianity that much personally, but I do see those "hidden words" in the title of that movie though;-)
I'm not religious, just spiritual, as most people like to say these days, including me.
And in another personal synchronicity I find it amusing that Paul's confession is in a newspaper spread that features a story about cab drivers and their battle with Uber.
My father who was a cab driver and licence owner a one stage of his life would have been very unhappy to see this situation in the cab industry.
I hate Uber and would never get an Uber ride on principal.
What next?
Uber ambulance drivers?
The obituary of Robin Leach in the same newspaper as Paul's story?! 
Hmm ... just all humbug(s) ... or hummingbirds?-)
Robert Irwin's 'Bird of Paradise' print
Hummingbird Medicine?
Anyway, if you can't see that there is a lot more to life than meets the eye, then I can't really help you out, can eye?-)
I picked up a book by Wayne Dyer this morning that had been on my bookshelf unread for years and just randomly opened it to page 163 and found this page below.
As you can see from the condition of its pages I haven't read this book before today
Now here's the thing, I had won tickets from the very same newspaper that I read Paul's white squirrel story in, to see
Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue and Deepak Chopra when they came to Brisbane years ago, which I attended (thanks to the tickets I won through the newspaper) with my father-in-law at the time (who has since passed away) -
Whatever Happened to Doreen Virtue?
I feel sorry for Doreen, as her timeline seems to be running right to left these days, but then again she probably feels sorry for me too, as I'm sure she thinks I'm heading straight to hell where-ever that's meant to be in her imagination.
Phew, is it getting a little hot in here or is it just me?-) 
Pages 194/195 from Sarah Wilson's book  'First, We Make the Beast Beautiful'
As "coincidence" would have it I just happen to be reading Sarah Wilson's book 'First, We Make the Beast Beautiful' and read the above chapter before falling asleep last night, which is why I grabbed Wayne's book off the shelf this morning and cracked it open to page 163 "coincidentally".
And don't worry Doreen if you are reading this post, because it ain't the "beast" that you would probably have in your mind, either.
Deep-Fried Happenstance?
Well, that's enough of my nutty thoughts as far as this post goes.
And I better get going before I get a visit from a white squirrel who thinks I'm a nut;-)


Trish MacGregor said...

Intriguing post! And a white squirrel? Well, why not? And thank you for the plug, Daz!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

You're getting a plug in the post I'm writing now, too, but I'm too tired to finish it right now, so it's off to bed for me and I'll finish it in the morning.