" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 4, 2018

Artworks from the 2018 Byron Writers Festival?

Jess Poulsen's 'Black Net'
The thing I like to do each year when attending the
Byron Writers Festival is to walk around the grounds and look at the commissioned artworks -
Apart from the Acid on the Road I Had a Good Trip
Hey, I'm a Virgo/Libra, so what more can I say?-)
Maybe if I walked around the grounds on stilts like this young pirate above I would have a different perspective on the art?-)
And looking at that pirate picture reminds me not to sit at this computer for too long also:-)
I’m Spiritual, Dammit: Marilynn Preston
Dev Lengel's 'I Love a Sunburnt Country'
I don't know what this was meant to be ... a couch potato up for a walk?-)
Dave Walsh's 'Standing Stones'
Peter Day's 'Vessel'
Peter Day's stringy looking boat reminded me of another "vessel" I saw painted on a substation in the town of Byron Bay, which looked a little more sea worthy than Peter's artwork -
Synching in the Submarine?
A yellow submarine painted on a Byron Bay substation
Jasmine Christie's 'As Above, So Below'
Oddly enough, the words "as above, so below" were mentioned in a podcast I wrote about yesterday where the 'Mysterious Universe' guys mention it in relation to nature -
A Hike Through the Black Forest and Hitting the Turps?
Peter Neilson's 'Early Birds'
Being that it was 2018 and the Chinese 'Year of the Dog' this year, this rock sculpture pictured below caught my eye ... and imagination.
Is that dog half black ... or half white?-)
There were a lot of talks this year at the BWF about anxiety and depression and the "black dog" is an expression that is meant to personify ... or animalfy ... depression.
Peter Neilson's 'Yanshi'
Big Ideas: Anxiety- is it Just Me?
Friday morning at the BWF looked quite gloomy
This was my favourite piece of art at the 2018 BWF
Because it drew me inside to where all the real art was at the BWF:-) 
Suvira McDonald's 'Lotus'
Sam Collyer's 'Pear'
Christina Khumari's 'Here it is'
Rod Johnston's 'Large Bull Frog'
Christopher Dean's 'Portal of Creation'
Just after seeing Christopher Dean's 'Portal of Creation' sculpture a volunteer walked past and I noticed the way the word "volunteer" was written on the t-shirt.
And no reflection on the person who was wearing the t-shirt, but with me being a bit of a fan of subliminal art -
What Are the Eyes Actually Seeing?
I couldn't help wondering if a certain word that I thought I could see embedded in the design was just a coincidence, or a prank that the designer thought would be a bit of a laugh for those who had eyes to see it.
And seeing that "hidden word" on the Friday morning of the BWF, I just couldn't un-see it for the rest of the festival every time I saw one of these t-shirts.
Laila Page's tent with her artworks
My favourite artworks around the ground this year though were found in the seller's tents.
The Metaphorical God of Good/Bad?
Monstera deliciosa plant leaves at the BWF entrance
A print that I bought this year and which now hangs on my living room wall
Laila's Page
Australasian swamphen
Life intimating art at the 2018 BWF?
Peter Neilson's 'Duck, Duck, Duck'
The gloomy weather (which I don't mind actually) didn't last long on Friday and the rest of the weekend was fairly sunny.
Some more art that I picked up at the 2018 BWF:-)
Bernard Fanning and Tim Rogers had a booking to play at the BWF?
That was about it for the artwork around the BWF grounds, apart for some pieces that had made appearances in other years of the festival which were on display once again in 2018.
And while these paintings above weren't among those at the BWF, I did see them hanging on the wall of the Byron Theatre when I went to see 'Bedtime Stories' on the Friday night of the festival.
One of those paintings reminded my of Megan MacGeogor's wave painting that I wrote about a while back - 
The Port Macquarie Obelisk
Megan MacGregor's (residual?) wave painting
Time to start saving my money for next year's festival I guess.

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