" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 24, 2018

Wolston Farmhouse and Life on the Farm?

Amatil are the bottlers of Coca-Cola in Australia
A magpie getting comfy on the farmhouse porch
This is a companion post to my last post -
Is It All Just Pooh What's Said and Felt About Trees?
This new post mainly consists of photos that I took on my trip to Wolston Farmhouse last Friday.
Wolston Farmhouse, Queensland, Australia
Kind of synchy that Gordon White at the 'Rune Soup' blog released a podcast on Friday about life on his and his neighbour's farm and living off the grid (Gordon's neighbour living off the grid that is) -
The tarot also ties in with my last post when I mentioned
podcast #25 from the 'This Jungian Life' podcast show, which you can hear in the You Tube below.
But if you want to see what "living off the grid" was really like then walk this way in your imagination with me through a photo tour of Wolston Farmhouse.
All of that stonework in the farmhouse reminded me of this recent post of mine -
Jung and the Art of Being Stoned?
A model house of Wolston Farmhouse on site
Fancy a luxurious bath?-)
Or a spot of ironing?-)
Ah, the joy of an off-grid laundry room.
Ah, the fun of mowing the "off-grid" lawn:-)
More trees
A butcher bird watching me from its high vantage point in the tree
The butcher bird watching me from its low vantage point
I didn't mind the butcher bird keeping an eye on me, as I like butcher birds -
Butcher Birds?
But the under-house rooms are kind of creepy I thought.
At least the rooms had their own en suites;-)
Life upstairs in the farmhouse seemed a little more grand it seems.
This bedroom kind of creeped me out as well for some reason
That yellow record on the turntable is 'Mary Had a Little Lamb', which is about the only song that I can play on a piano to this day.
I didn't realise that 'Mary ...' was the first song ever recorded for the gramophone by Edison.
Singer-a-long with 'Mary ...';-)
I'll write another post about that bird above, as I've had a few synchs come together since I saw this bird in the glass case (cage?-) and I will link that post here.
To See Ourselves Trapped in Our Cage?
 A mynah bird on the rail of the cafe's veranda 
As soon as I stepped out the front door after viewing the deceased bird in the glass case I spotted a mynah bird sitting on the rail of the cafe, so I went over for a chat to the bird.
Friday is probably not the best day to visit if you want to have a cuppa tea out back.
A view from the cafe veranda to a drought ravaged cattle farm 
My little butcher bird mate sitting in its tree
Can you spot the kangaroo on the fence line of the property?
Look again maybe?
Why do people plant three palm trees in a row like that?
When I saw the three palm trees on the farm it reminded me of the view I see when I look out of my computer room window of the three palms planted in my neighbour's backyard.
The view of the three palms next-door from my computer room window
Well, life on the farm is kinda laid back ...?!
And another three palms in a row at the front of the farm?
And some more trees if you haven't had enough already:-)
That clump of palmy looking plants in the centre is a 50 year-old  'Bird of Paradise' plant
I thought the guy at the information counter at the farmhouse was pulling my leg when I asked him what those clump of palms were in the photo above and he told me it was a 50 year-old
'Bird of Paradise' plant.
The distinctive 'Bird of Paradise' flower heads at the top of the plant
But he was right because he pointed out the flower heads at the top of the plants to me.
The flower heads looked sort of "snowy white" in colour to me rather than the orange ones I was used to seeing in my BoP plants;-)
And while on the subject of rock music, I couldn't help thinking this little shrunken Stonehenge rock formation pictured below wasn't a prop from the movie 'This Is Spinal Tap'.
Anjelica Huston and Tony Hendra in This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
Well, I had an interesting time in "off-grid" memories of yesteryear, but I was glad to hit the road back to my "on-grid" way of life and post my adventure online:-)
The road out of the farm and back to the future?
And to give my washing machine and fridge a big kiss:-)

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I love trees and those are some gorgeous old trees :)