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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 12, 2018

The Serious Business of Writing Humour and Drawing Your Weapons?

Serena Williams: Cartoonist Mark Knight defends depiction of US Open tantrum amid accusations of racism
"Veteran cartoonist Mark Knight has rejected suggestions his depiction of Serena Williams is "racist", saying those condemning him are "making stuff up".
The cartoon, published in the Herald Sun, was Mr Knight's take on the controversial US Open final, which Williams lost to Japan's Naomi Osaka after being given three code violations — one for coaching, one for breaking her racquet and another for verbal abuse of the chair umpire.
Williams' behaviour has divided onlookers, with some saying she was out of line and others believing she was the victim of overzealous or discriminatory officiating.

I saw the furor in the media about the Serena Williams cartoon not long after I had listened to a podcast on the ABC 'Big Ideas' site called -
"Humour has an important role to play in our society.
Jokes, comedy, political satire – they showcase our values and taboos.

We do have to take humour seriously.
What is the nature of humour and why is it so hard to be funny today?
'The Serious Business of Writing Humour?' presented at the Byron Writers Festival.
5 August 2018
Big Ideas program - Comedy over the centuries."

Sunil Badami, Ellen Briggs, Brigid Delaney and Antony Funnell at the 2018 BWF
Ellen Briggs - comedian
Brigid Delaney – journalist and author
Antony Funnell – author, RN presenter of Future Tense
Chair: Sunil Badami - writer, performer and broadcaster

The Serious Business of Writing Humour talk at the 2018 BWF
I was in the audience for this talk and it really is worth a listen to and rather relevant as each day passes it seems.
Trevor Noah gets called out in the talk about his old joke about Australian Indigenous women, as well, plus just how hard it is to make jokes about Trump is brought up, too.
It was suggested by Ellen Briggs in the talk that Trevor Noah's Australian tour should be boycotted, which I thought was funny when I saw a news article featuring Trevor Noah titled, 
I guess these are serious times we are now living in and comedians, cartoonists and artists who step over the line are going to cop a serve on social media for it;-)
Mark Knight on Twitter: "Booing Adam Goodes polarises the ...
Artworks from the 2018 Byron Writers Festival?
When it comes to art sometimes we see things that are and aren't there I guess.
And only the artist really knows if it was meant to be there or not ... maybe?
"The Herald Sun newspaper has republished its controversial cartoon of tennis star Serena Williams on a defiant front page in which it attacked its critics and foreshadowed a future where satire is outlawed.
"WELCOME TO PC WORLD," read the paper's headline, over a collection of Mark Knight cartoons, including the depiction of Williams spitting a dummy and stamping on her racquet.
The caricature has
drawn accusations of sexism and racism from around the globe.
"If the self-appointed censors of Mark Knight get their way on his Serena Williams cartoon, our new politically correct life will be very dull indeed," the paper wrote.

Draw your weapons?

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