" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 24, 2018

Saving the F*cking Whales?

The above pictured books I bought on whales I am either reading now, or am yet to read, although I have read Maddox's tongue-in-cheek 'F*ck Whales' chapter (well, I hope it's written in tongue-in-cheek) from his book 'F*ck Whales', where he writes,
"If a whale fulfills its lot in life, it will likely end up on a beach, where it will spend its time rotting under the sun, emanating a waft of pungent sea-funk that will serve only to ruin beach outings for months to come (Fig. 1)" 
That reminds me of a movie I saw recently that revolved around a dead beached whale -
"Sirens of the Sea" World and Coasting with Archetypes?
The dead beached whale from the movie 'Swinging Safari'
Whales always seemed to be a big thing in the media throughout history, but probably none more so than today and this morning I listened to this 'Big Ideas' podcast with Micheline Jenner (who I met down in Byron Bay at the BWF) and Phillip Hoare, who sounds like a fan of 'Moby Dick', one of the books I have become becalmed in at the moment.
Great podcast and I had a whale of a time listening to it and you can too by clicking on this link -
Saving the whale
"Last week the International Whaling Commission rejected Japan's proposal to lift the thirty year ban on commercial whaling.
Even under the present regime, Japan, Iceland and Norway continue to hunt for whales.
This conversation between a marine biologist and a writer with a passion for Moby Dick looks at our changing view of whales.

Call me Ishmael recorded 26 August 2018 at the
Melbourne Writers Festival
Phillip Hoare. Professor of Creative Writing University of Southampton. 
Micheline Jenner Marine, biologist.
The Secret Life of Blue Whales?
And f*ck Japan, Iceland and Norway I say and save the f*cking whales;-)
Although, going back 50 years Australia was in the same boat, too.
F*cking good book, too.

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