" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 4, 2019

Happy Birthday Heath Ledger and Put on a Happy Face?

I saw that Jake Kotze had posted an Instagram of Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix dressed as the Joker and that the BBC news website had the headline -
Joker Joaquin: First look at Phoenix in latest Batman spin-off
JOKER - Teaser Trailer - In Theaters October 4
It was already April 4th over here in Australia when Jake had posted the Instagram and when I saw the BBC headline and
April 4th is Heath Ledger's birthday.
I also saw that Mat Whitecross had posted the sad news that
Bill Heine, the former owner of the Duke of York's cinema in Brighton and the Penultimate Cinema in Oxford, England, had passed away on April 2nd, 2019.
I wrote about writing to Mat Whitecross and Coldplay in this old post of mine -
Riders on the Storm?
The Duke of York’s cinema, Brighton, England
Bill Heine (9th January 1945 – 2 April 2019)
Heath Ledger in the movie 'Two Hands'
April and Endgames?
Bill Heine with two hands?!
THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR: 100 Years of the East Oxford Picture Palace
2019 is the 20th anniversary of 'Two Hands' by the way:-) 
Bill Heine's house in Oxford, England
"Bill Heine commissioned the shark and still owns the house. 
An American who studied law at Balliol College, he was running two Oxford cinemas at the time, but from 1988 he became better known as a Radio Oxford presenter.
When pressed by journalists to provide a rationale for the shark, he suggested the following:
The shark was to express someone feeling totally impotent and ripping a hole in their roof out of a sense of impotence and anger and desperation…. It is saying something about CND, nuclear power, Chernobyl and Nagasaki.
The headless sculpture, with the label “Untitled 1986” fixed to the gate to the house, was erected on the 41st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.
Created by the sculptor John Buckley, it is made of fibreglass, weighs four hundredweight, and is 25 feet long."
"The shark was the second headache that Bill gave the Oxford city planning department.
The first related to Headington Cinema (which used to stand on the opposite side of New High Street to the shark, where Standon Court is now).
The previous owner had named it the Moulin Rouge but failed to get planning permission to put up a turning windmill on the grounds that this was misleading, as there were no can-can dancers. Bill took over the cinema in 1980 and put up an enormous pair of can-can legs (sculpted, like the shark, by John Buckley).
When the planners predictably objected on the same grounds, serving enforcement order 82/00144/E, Bill promptly changed the name of the cinema to “Not the Moulin Rouge”, stating that a pair of can-can legs could not advertise anything which was patently not the Moulin Rouge, and he eventually got away with it.
This cinema came under the aegis of Bill’s Penultimate Picture Company, which also ran the Penultimate Picture Palace
(now renamed the Ultimate Picture Palace) in Jeune Street, Oxford and the Duke of York’s Cinema in Brighton.
When the [Not the] Moulin Rouge in Headington closed in 1991, the legs were transferred to his Brighton cinema.
In 1994 the Penultimate Picture Palace Company collapsed."
I noticed that Heath has 23 acting credits at his IMDB page and ironically the first acting credit was for playing an orphan clown in a short film called 'Clowning Around':-)
Heath's 1st IMDB acting credit funnily enough:-)
Life and death certainly have a dark sense of humour it seems:-)
Heath's half sister's friend Katherine Langford 
'13 Reasons Why'
Heath as Ned Kelly in 'Ned Kelley' (2003)
The Wisdom of Oz ... and Aphorisms?
Heath's 23rd and final IMDB acting credit
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Happy birthday Heath ... where ever you now are.

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