" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 5, 2019

A Synchromystic Conversation with Actor Winston Duke About His Role in Jordan Peele's New Horror Film Us?

My movie ticket for the April 2nd screening of 'Us'
I stumbled across a podcast yesterday featuring Winston Duke at the 'Picture House' podcast site when I was putting together my last post about Heath Ledger's birthday and Bill Heine's passing on April 2nd, 2019 -
Happy Birthday Heath Ledger and Put on a Happy Face?
Bill Heine (9 January 1945 – 2 April 2019)
Bill Heine's house in Oxford, England
I'd never heard of Bill Heine or his house with a shark sculpture on the roof of his Oxford home until I saw Mat Whitecross had Twittered about Bill's passing and Mat living next to the 
Oxford cinema Bill had once owned.
And I got that quote of Bill's pictured further above in this post about sailing in dangerous waters, rather than staying on the beach from a movie he was in about the Oxford cinema he once owned, which seemed to have had a black and white minstrel as the cinema mascot at one time.
THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR: 100 Years of the East Oxford Picture Palace
A penultimate politically incorrect Blackface?!
The weird thing here ... and there are many in this post ... was that the day Bill Heine passed away I had gone to the cinema with my youngest son to see 'Us'.
We (or should that be Us?-) are something like ten hours ahead of England, plus I hadn't heard about Bill or his passing until April 4th Australian time anyway.
But I couldn't help thinking in hindsight just how synchromystic this all was with the shark theme in Bill's life, the movie 'Us' and my own life, as I'm a mad Cronulla Sharks supporter.
The Sharks vs The Storm?-)
The Duke of York’s cinema, Brighton, England
It was when I was checking out the other cinema that Bill once owned in Brighton called the 'DUKE of York's' that I found a link on the cinema's home page to a link to the 'Picture House' podcast and I listened to the podcast featuring Winston DUKE -
Podcast | Us with Winston Duke
I found this interview with Winston Duke pretty ho-hum until around the 14-minute mark where Winston tells of some of the weirdness surrounding the filming of the movie, like a real-life blood moon taking place while filming at the lake, often mysteriously wrapping up filming at 11:11pm on the dot and seeing a seagull eating another dead seagull in Santa Cruz.
The Bunnies in Jordan Peele's 'Us' are Ruining Easter for People?
The secrets behind the Headington Shark
1111 ... On Borrowed Time?
Just keep swimming?

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