" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 27, 2019

The Dead Don't Die ... and Where is My Mind?

You might have noticed if you have been reading my blog that I'm a little bit into "synchromysticism", which kind of means that I think that everything is more connected than you could possibly think ... literally.
To be honest at my age I'm all zombied out when it comes to zombie films, because I get it ... we are the zombies ... unless you happen to be an alien hybrid, in which case you're only half asleep:-)
I saw a movie review yesterday on the Australian ABC news site for a movie called 'The Dead Don't Die', which is yet to come out at cinemas over here in Oz, but I see was released in June in the USA.
The Zombies are us in Jim Jarmusch's apocalypse comedy The Dead Don't Die
It looks like the movie's distributors have decided to release it as close to Halloween as they can, even though in Australia Halloween isn't officially celebrated ... not that you would know it with all the Halloween crap they sell in the shops and the trick or treaters who come knocking at your door that night with open bags.
Synchromystically though, I had just listened to the last in the series of the 'Where is My Mind' podcast that hit my iPad last night.
It was the 8th and final episode in the series oddly enough -
Edutainment: Understanding That the Movie IS the Movie?
In that last episode (#8) Mark says with about 3 minutes to go, "So listeners, what do you think? I remember when I first learned about all the big questions we addressed on this show, my first thought was, if this is real that means most of the world is walking around in a zombie state, completely oblivious to what's going on, and it meant for me that most of my life I was in a zombie state."
Adam Douglas Driver, born November 19th
Charles Manson, died November 19th ... hopefully;-)
 Just having seen the movie 'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' for the third time at the cinema I couldn't help thinking how weird it was that Adam Driver was born on November 19 in '83 and that Charles Manson died on November 19th, aged 83.
Plus, on a personal note November 19 was the day I got married on back in '88.
What was I not thinking back in '88?-)
What is it About Manson and Dark Hollywood Synchronicities?
Is 'Let's Get High' the Sequel to 'ARMED With a DREAM - Peace of Me'?
But what I really found synchromystic when looking at who was in 'The Dead Don't Die' was that Austin Butler, who plays Tex in
'Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood' plays a character called Jack in the movie 'The Dead Don't Die' and is playing Elvis in the new
Baz Luhrmann movie with production and filming at Warner Bros. studios in Queensland, Australia, just getting started down the road from where I live right now.
Queensland is Margot Robbie's home state by the way:-)
Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth the 1st 
Warner Bros. Movieworld Queensland, Australia;-)
Is it just all in my mind, or is everything really connected in space and time?-)
I guess the truth is out there ... and in here?-)

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