" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 10, 2021

Saying F#ck You with Flowers?

(Bill and Ben) Flower Pot Men ... plus a little Weed?
Daisy and Stone greeting card:-)
I went outside this very cold Australian morning to throw some garbage into my recycling bin and check the level of water in the birdbath, and I made a mental note to give the weeds growing through my pavers a spray soon.
Then I turn around to head back into my warm home and see this lone flower/weed poking out of the sand between my backyard bricks, as if to say, "f#ck you and your spray bottle buddy!":-) 
A weed by any other name would ... ?
The Metaphor of The Rose ... and What Does it Really Mean (Sex or Love ... or Both)?
Seeing that one lone weed sent my mind back to the British TV show I would watch in the afternoons when a little boy growing up in Australia in the late 60s called 'Bill and Ben', about two flower pot men and a weed.
Looking back now it is no wonder there are so many stoners in my age group in Australia:-)  
And I've decided to spare that weed while it is producing little flowers, but the rest of the non-flowering weeds are goners in a day or two.
And if Andy Pandy shows up in my backyard he had better run or risk being recycled, as that is one show I couldn't stand having to watch with my brothers and sister in the afternoons:-)
The makers of
'The Conjuring' movies could probably work that Andy Pandy theme song into their next movie soundtrack I reckon;-)
Or maybe give 'Annabelle' a new partner in demonic crime with an 'AndyPandybelle' doll to terrorize the souls of children and adults alike?-)
And who knows what the writers of those movies could do with a little weed?-)
The pandemic saw the remote East Kimberley effectively cut off from the rest of Australia
"Ah! Excuse me," said the little prince. But upon reflection he added, "What does TAMED mean?"?
Bloody weeds and bloody cats are taking over my backyard and birds:-(
Cold Blooded Birdbaths and Cats Paws?

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