" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 6, 2021

Cold Blooded Birdbaths and Cats Paws?

Locals reported birdbaths and dog bowls had frozen over?
Last Monday I read about frozen birdbaths in South Australia on the net and then went out to fill mine and found feathers everywhere in and around my birdbath.
I thought it was one of my little "tamed" myna bird's feathers at first -
Agent Cooper: "I don't like birds"?!
But it turned out to be another pigeon probably killed by a cat again - 
All Things Bright and Beautiful?
I didn't find anything but feathers though this time.
Question of the Day?
Question of the Day Podcast: Cat's Paws?
Last Sunday morning when I went out to fill the birdbath I looked up to see a young black cat with green eyes staring back at me from the raised garden above the birdbath, ready to pounce on any bird that dared to take a drink.
The funny thing was that this young cat in my garden was almost a dead ringer for the ceramic cat on my desktop -
Cat among the pigeons?
When I get a picture of the young cat I'll post the photo here.
Updated: June 14th, 2021
Updated: June 14th, 2021
And I have since moved the birdbath to an area in my backyard where cats can't easily catch a bird in the birdbath.
I'll have to tame this young cat now.
"Ah! Excuse me," said the little prince. But upon reflection he added, "What does TAMED mean?"?
The last time I found a cat had attacked a pigeon in my yard was just before my team the Brisbane Lions were about to play the Geelong Cats at our home ground the Gabba.
And our next home game at the Gabba is against the Geelong Cats, oddly enough.
Last night when I started writing this post I was listening to a
'Once Upon a Line' podcast featuring a guy living in Fremantle, just outside of Perth in Western Australia who I had not heard of before, Robert Graham, and at the end of the episode the host asks him what are those birds singing in the background.
"Please follow your heart, win or lose."- J.D. Salinger
Robert's debut solo record "Storm In A Teacup"
Hmm ... Storm in a Teacup?
Year of the Shark?
That reminds me of the post I wrote about discovering a tea cup reading and psychic shop near the Gabba when I went with my youngest son to watch the Brisbane Lions last home game -
Brave Mediums and Psychics?
Robert Graham telling the Canadian host about living in Fremantle and being fairly untouched by covid lockdowns in Western Australia brought a smile to my face considering the Brisbane Lions had their away game from Western Australia against the Fremantle Dockers moved to the Gabba because of a Covid lock-down in WA for the Mother's Day weekend.
Unfortunately I couldn't go because the re-scheduled game clashed with a Mother's Day lunch get together for me on the day -  
The Lions beat the Dockers on Mother's Day, by the way:-)
Once Upon a Line Podcast
Or try to fly?-)
Once Upon a Line Podcast
Synchromysticism is for the birds, I reckon:-)
Or sea monsters?-)


  1. Binx! Could be his twin! You sure he has an owner?

  2. Yeah, it's wearing a council tag around it's neck, so it's registered with the local council.
    This cat has killed two pigeons around my home so far that I know of, and ironically both times just before my footy team the Brisbane Lions were about to take on the Geelong Cats (which is Chris Mackey's, the Synch Shrink's team).

  3. Oh wow, weird synchro. You sure the cat is fed by its owners?

  4. Yeah, it looks healthy to me, it just has a thing for birds I guess.
    My cat Sylvester was well fed and still would kill mice and bring them to me like some bizarre gift.
    And I would show my displeasure with him.
    A cat's gonna do what a cat's gonna do, I guess.
    We put a bell around his neck so he could never sneak up on the birds around our house and that seemed to work.
    If this little black cat was my cat I'd be putting a bell around it's neck too.