" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 18, 2021

Hypnosis and the Stories We Tell Ourselves, Real or Imagined ... for Healing? (Part 1)

Unseen Podcast: Certified hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith explores the hidden memories?
I couldn't help noticing the similarities between Mike Clelland's hypnosis session with Yvonne Smith in his latest 'The Unseen' podcast and those written about in the late Michael Newton's book 'Memories of the Afterlife' which I'm working my way through, where in the 32 chapters of the book is a chapter each of "life between lives" regressions recalled by 32 different hypnotists who were trained by the Michael Newton Institute.
What I found interesting when listening to Mike's hypnotic recall of meeting with his "alien friends" who he had a "contract" with about coming down to Earth, was that Mike talks about a key that the aliens hold in an envelope, and in the book
'Memories of the Afterlife' Michael Newton quotes the philosopher Iamblichus and writes that, "a man who can unlock his soul is set free" in the first line of that book's introduction.
'Memories of the Afterlife'
I can see the similarities between Mike's "alien abduction" and the chapter subject's "life between lives" meetings with their "soul groups" and "council of elders".
I've started reading the chapters in order from the beginning and the last chapter (chapter 32), so far, and am about halfway through the book.
Think of Laura?
It's not going to be a quick read for me, because after reading each chapter I feel the need to search out the hypnotists and listen to them tell what drew them to do this kind of work.
The first chapter is by Paul Aurand, who was struck by lightening and lived to go on and become a hypnotist and do the work like some kind of modern day shaman it seems -
I've never been hypnotized ... in this lifetime anyway, but I am intrigued as to how it works ... or doesn't work.

Georgina Cannon's 10 Best Spiritual Books?
My favourite chapter so far is Bryn Blankinship's chapter.  
I had never heard of her until I read that chapter and did a search for podcasts that Bryn had been on in the past.
Ironically, I read Sophia Kramer's chapter titled 'Life Choices and Moving On' where Sophia writes about a guy and his family moving to Australia from South Africa and he later contacts her from my hometown of Brisbane, which is the city pictured below in the thick fog that hit the city on Wednesday ... or Bloomsday you might say;-)
Chapter 5: 'Life Choices and Moving On'
Happy Bloomsday/Humpday:-)
Ironically, this was the day I listened to the podcast below:-)
Out of the Fog: Hypno-Regression for Past, Present & Future Insight with Bryn Blankinship
Byrn is an actress and starred in a movie called 'Swimming', which I'm yet to see.
Bryn Blankinship about her book ‘The Limitless Soul'
Ironically, 'The Past Lives' podcast above featuring Bryn was uploaded on my ex-wife's birthday, and that is someone who this Earthling doesn't want to see again in this life or the next few lives:-)
Samantha and Deb talk with Bryn Blakinship who wrote Limitless Soul
I have to agree with some of the reviews at the 'Goodreads' site about the book though, as some of the chapters are quite ho-hum New Agey fantasy like boring and seem rather pointless to me.
Martin Richardson's chapter is a shining example I thought.   
It looked promising, but quickly had me drifting off 1,2,3 like;-)
That Owl Eyed Moth in the corner of Martin's 123AndSleep website does take me back in time to a moth I spotted one night on a night out -
The “singing surgeon”, Associate Professor Martin Richardson
And while I didn't find any podcasts featuring Martin Richardson the hypnotist, I did find a somewhat interesting podcast by a Professor Martin Richardson about orthopedic surgery. 
Although it gets boring rather quickly when he raves on about his favourite AFL team, the Richmond Tigers;-)
I must confess that I'm a bit on the fence with this "counsel of elders" thing.
Do you know how hard it would be to program a life down here with just six or seven people per "soul group"?
To plan out the somewhat ordinary life I have led in this life so far would require the planning of about half of the planet and then some ... maybe?
Maybe this "soul planning" stuff is just the Master Planner's way of making you think about your life while the Master Planner takes the wheel to steer your vehicle for you through life mostly?-)
Buckle up?
Pierce learned that for all the years he was a firefighter and paramedic, 
Ursula Demarmels: Rückführungs-TV
The wild white goose?-)
Wild Geese/David M. Pierce
Having read half of the past life regressions in the book so far, I feel like I'm on a white goose chase as far as knowing just what hypnosis is all about and how reliable it is in bringing real hidden experiences into the daylight of reason.
And here's an updated link to see what I mean -
Many Lives, Many Masters and the Meaningful Life of Marla Frees?

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