" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 19, 2021

No B.S. Spiritual Bookclub?

The "podcast angel" must have guided me to the 'No B.S. Spiritual Bookclub' podcast when I was finally reading the books such as 'Memories of the Afterlife', which the "book angel" guided me to reading over the years at the right times in my life:-)
I stumbled across this podcast when doing an Apple Podcast search for a chapter author from the Afterlife book named Georgina Cannon.
The irony for me personally when listening to these No BS podcasts about author's top 10 BS books is that I'm trying to read and weed out the books I no longer wish to keep on my bookshelf and pass them on to fellow bookworms:-)
One of the authors interviewed on this podcast is fellow Aussie Robert Moss, whose books I have read and enjoyed over the years, but have since passed on to fellow bookworms.
I thought it was amusing listening to Robert Moss tell about the apple being some kind of Celtic gateway, when people who like reading books are referred to as bookworms:-)   
And Robert reads the Yeats poem that Whitley Strieber loves to read inspired by his late wife Anne on many podcasts I have listened to recently.
You can hear Whitley recite the Yeats poem in this You Tube below at around the 13 minute mark.
Yeats and Strieber both share June 13th as a birthday synchromystically, by the way:-)
Robert Moss'10 Best No B.S. Books
Now that I've heard what Simran Singh's 10 Best BS Books are I'm off to listen to Sandra Ingerman's 10 No B.S. Best.
11:11: Speaking With Nature: Sandra Ingerman - VoiceAmerica?

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