" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 20, 2021

Holy Cow Batman ... Bookworms are More Compassionate Than Movie Buffs?!

Roddy McDowall as The Bookworm from 'Batman'
I was listening to Sandie having a chat to Theresa Cheung (above) about the 10 Best B.S. Books that Theresa had read (so far) and it was said that there was a study that concluded that bookworms are more compassionate and empathetic people than movie buffs are.
Hmm ... being both a bookworm and a movie buff myself I have to say that I'm on the fence about that study.
Who commissioned that study I wonder?
Certainly not Audible Books ... I won't hear of it:-)
Audio Excerpt from Whitley Strieber's Transformation Read by The Bookworm?
Now available as an audiobook:-)
I don't know what that is, but it ain't a worm:-)
I'd like to hear/see Sandie interview Whitley for his
Top 10 BS Books;-)
No, seriously I would.
I like listening to Sandie interview authors about their
Top 10 BS Books, but I must confess that I have only heard of about half a dozen authors she has asked so far.
So I've listened to the authors that I'm familiar with first, and Theresa Cheung is one I have heard of before.
I Want to Believe 2020 Isn't an X-Files Episode?
Theresa Cheung's Top 10 B.S. Books
Hmm ... E.T. now hey?
What a Prick!?-)
'The Power of Now' is so yesterday I think, but I found Theresa's mention of 'The Alchemist' in her Top 10 personally amusing, as Paulo was one of the first authors who I ever met in person and had a chat with, when I never knew how big an author he was, or would become.
I do have that book on my bookshelf, but it wouldn't make my top 10 books.
Ironically I see 'The Alchemist' was first published the year I got married (1988) and I have since made made that gold band disappear into the Pacific Ocean off the Cape Byron cliffs:-)  
That was my alchemical life trick, so far:-) 
I like some of Paulo's other books a lot more than his bestseller, but it is worth a read I think.
'The Celestine Prophecy' is a book I didn't like, but which ironically was a big catalyst in catapulting me into a synchromystical journey from having read and my quest to meet the author -
Behind the Door at Byron Bay
And it was from going down to Byron Bay to meet James Redfield (who was a no show) that weekend that I met Barry Eaton, bought and read his book 'Afterlife' -
I'll bet Barry is wishes he never met that "John of God" prick, in hindsight, even if Barry thought he did heal his lazy eye.
It's a shame that Sandie didn't do a podcast interview with Barry, but at least we can read about Barry's Top 10 B.S. Books at Sandie's webpage.
The only author I have met on Sandie's list so far is Barry
Barry Eaton's Top 10 B.S. Books
I'm not sure about Theresa's choice of Dan Brown's best seller being in her Top 10, but I guess it is a fun read in many ways, just like the movies made from the books can be a fun viewing - 
Sync ... But Don't Swim?
A scene from the Tom Hanks movie 'Inferno';-)
The Cover to Credits Podcast
I must admit that when it comes to a good book (not 'Jaws' though) or a good movie ('Jaws') I'll take both ... as well as a good podcast:-)
No B.S. Spiritual Bookclub?
I liked this talk Sandie had with the late Hank Wesselman (above) about his Top 10 B.S. Books.
I thought it was ironic that Hank passed away the day after Valentine's Day (according to Wikipedia), which was the day after the anniversary of Captain Cook's passing.
Considering that Hank passed away not far from his home of Captain Cook, Hawaii.
Hank Wesselman's Top 10 B.S. Books
I have to say that I was surprised to see Hank included John Mac's book, as well as one of his own books in that Top 10 list.

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