" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 26, 2021

The Mysterious Universe of Dolores Cannon and 25/25 in 2021?

Ironically, I started reading my Dolores Cannon book again last night:-)
The Mysterious Universe Podcast # 25.25 The Rational Body?
I had finished reading the 32 chapters in Michael Newton's last book 'Memories of the Afterlife' and finished updating my last post about hypnotism and reading Newton's book last night, before placing the book into my box for the book exchange and then going to bed and grabbing 'The Convoluted Universe: Book One' so I can finally read it and most likely throw it into the box also.
Thinking inside of the box?-)
I had started reading
Dolores Cannon's first book months ago, but put it on top of my printer and got sidetracked reading books which actually interested me more than bored me.
The Convoluted Universe of Owls, Hypnosis and Real Memories?
Page 126 of 'The Convoluted Universe: Book One'
I picked 'The Convoluted Universe: Book One' up again before going to bed last night because now that I had finally read about
Michael Newton's "lives Between Lives" hypnosis techniques, I was curious to finish Cannon's book to spot the differences when it came to the Truth being out there ... or in there:-)
I had made it up to page 126 in Cannon's book before getting sidetracked into reading what I thought were more interesting books at the time, but I was surprised to read about "a special key" on that page, since I had listened to Mike Clelland's latest
'The Unseen' podcast where Mike recalled the "aliens" holding a "key"inside an envelope in Mike's hypnotic regression.
Unseen Podcast: Certified hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith explores the hidden memories?
When I started reading Cannon's book in bed my eye's were too tired to read, so I checked to see if there were any new podcasts on my Apple Podcast list to have a listen to. 
And I saw that the latest 'The Mysterious Universe' episode had dropped onto the list, so I hit play.
And who should these guys mention in the first few minutes of that podcast?
Dolores Cannon!?
Blue Alien Synchronicities?
23 is so yesterday, what about 25 Jim?-)
After listening to 'The Mysterious Universe' podcast this morning I searched Apple Podcasts for any recent podcasts discussing
Dolores Cannon's books and I found a 'Positive Head' podcast pretty much uploaded today, as where I am we're a day ahead of the USA.
What is it with keys?!
I also found this podcast below with two girls who I tend to resonate more with than I do with the 'Positive Head' guy above.
And I agree with the girl who is asked right at the start of that podcast for her opinion about "past life" readings.
I think that reading book one in this convoluted universe will be more than enough for me thanks. 

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