" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 13, 2021

Great Aussie Coin Hunt Begins Again in 2021: Come in, Spinner?

Australia has 26 new circulating $1 coins, each celebrating an aspect of Aussie life and culture?
Join The Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2, too?
Australia Day is held annually on the 26th of January and there are 26 letters in the English alphabet ... COINcidence, or what?-)
These coins take me back to my childhood memories of growing up in Australia and tug on the heart-strings and memories ... just like they are supposed to do:-)
Coined during betting matches of 'two-up'?-)
I remember when we used to sing 'God Save the Queen' before school in the early 70s, because it was then the Australian national anthem, and how when we were voting for the new Australian national anthem how 'Waltzing Matilda' was one of the nation's choices in that vote.
Thank God it didn't become the Australian national anthem, as much as I like the song.
The DINGO's got my VICTA lawn mower?-)
D is for Dingo?
V is for Victa Lawnmower
I hated the exhaust smell of those old Victa lawn mowers and much preferred to mow my lawn with a four-stoke Rover lawn mower instead.
And what's this X is for is for Xanthorrhoea?
Who calls those plants that in Australia, as I've always known them as "Blackboys", ever since I was a boy growing up in Australia.
The Aboriginal people called the plants Balga because after a bush fire had ravaged the land, the blackened trunk of the Xanthorrhoea would be revealed beneath the burned lower leaves, and would resemble a child like black figure.
Others believe that the plant, with its bush fire blackened trunk and long flower spike resembled an Aboriginal boy wielding a spear."
The Trickster Awaits?
The Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse of the current $1 coin, including the coins in this program.
T is for Tim Tam
Six of the 26 coins are nothing but a bit of nostalgic Australian brand product placeMINT, if you ask me;-)
N is for Nobby's Nuts?
C is for Cherry Ripe
Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2 – Letter 'C' coin
On the subject of nostalgia and product placement, my mother would tell me when I was a little boy that her father's (my grandfather who died before I was born) favourite chocolate bar was the Cherry Ripe.
So I have always associated the Cherry Ripe with my late grandfather.
And the other day when I was looking for old Andy Pandy clips for this recent post -
a Cherry Ripe commercial was placed in front of the Andy Pandy You Tube, which may or may not have been a coincidence when Google spy search bots are taken into the equation?  
The new Ulysses butterfly $1 Australian coin
Butterflies are Free ... and So are We?

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