" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 6, 2019

#9 Dream?

"Panthers gun Nathan Cleary says he dreamt about his heroic game winning field goal in golden point that saw the Panthers emerge victorious over the Tigers 9-8 in the grudge match of the season."
'This is what dreams are made of?': Prophetic Nathan Cleary saves Penrith Panthers in golden point madness
"Five minutes before the end of full-time the writing was on the wall for the Panthers who trailed 8-2 after struggling to orchestrate any meaningful play at Penrith Stadium on Friday night.
After battling all game, Dylan Edwards saw himself over the line with two minutes on the clock when he was moved out to the wing, and when
Cleary stepped up to convert after the siren, he showed maturity beyond his years to draw level.
golden point Luke Brooks narrowly missed what would become the Tigers’ third attempt at a field goal, and they were subsequently punished for their lack of conviction when Cleary received the ball at the other end of the field and slotted true to shake off a week of woe for the club.

I actually dreamt about that last night about how it all unfolded,” Cleary told Nine’s Friday Night Knock-off.
“I don’t know what to say, it doesn’t get any better.
“We killed ourselves all game but credit to everyone to stay in that game and I was lucky enough to ice it at the end.
My panther tattoo ...
... but I'm a Sharks fan when it comes to the NRL
Well, three of my biggest loves are football, woo-woo and John Lennon's music and while I'm not a Panthers fan when it comes to the NRL, I do have a panther tattoo on my right shoulder.
I did watch what was turning out to be a boring battle on Channel NINE last night, until Nathan Cleary won the game for the Panthers 9 points to 8 in sudden death, or golden point.
They don't get more golden, especially when you claimed that you dreamt the whole thing the night before, like Nathan claimed after the game.
I only just wrote a post about prophetic dreams, although I haven't had any like Nathan's ... yet -
Precognitive Dreams and Psi?
I couldn't help thinking of the song John Lennon wrote called #9 Dream when Nathan won the game for his team 9 points to 8 on Channel 9 last night.
I wonder why?-)
""#9 Dream" came to Lennon in a dream.
Lennon has said that the song was just "churned out" with "no inspiration."
That's what I call craftsmanship writing, meaning, you know, I just churned that out.
I'm not putting it down, it's just what it is, but I just sat down and wrote it, you know, with no real inspiration, based on a dream I'd had.
John Lennon, 1980, BBC"

"It peaked, coincidentally, at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, also peaking at number 10 on the Cashbox Top 100 in the US.
It also charted at number 23 on the UK Singles Chart and number 35 in Canada."
I hope that you have nightmares the night before you play the Sharks though Nathan;-)

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