" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 14, 2021


I must admit to being rather skeptical about people who call themselves "skeptics" and the motives behind why they say they are open-minded, when in most cases they have closed their mind and just want to suck the "believers" into an argument of why they think the "believers" are wrong to believe what they do, as opposed to what the "skeptic" actually believes themselves:-)  
Some so called "skeptics" are actually believers posing as "skeptics" to pretend their mind's gears are in neutral when in "reality" they are just trying to drive home their POV.
These thoughts about skeptics and what makes them tick went through my head as I listened to Theresa Cheung giving a very admirable argument to Marsh on the 'BE Reasonable' podcast episode that I listened to yesterday once more.
I find myself  pretty much in the same book, if not on the same page as Theresa is with her beliefs ... except the future/past selves stuff, that is -
The Twelve Days of Christmas and Messages to and From Our "Future Selves" in the Present?-)
Be Reasonable: Episode #050 Theresa Cheung
Be Reasonable: Episode #070Cynthia Sue Larson
I stumbled across the 'BE Reasonable' podcast about a week ago when I was searching for podcasts involving Cynthia Sue Larson talking about the Mandela Effect -
The Biko/Mandela Effect?
A movie NOT about Nelson Mandela?
I'm certainly not a skeptic when it comes to the "Mandela Effect" because my mind is closed and I don't believe in it one little bit, but I think it is fun listening to people like Cynthia trying to work out why they believe the cosmos has played switcharoo with their faulty memories or BS facts they picked up listening to some misreporting or outright lies in their past.
I'm with Marsh when it comes to ME:-P
It makes me wonder why people like Marsh care about nut-bag "Flat-Earthers" and Creationist believers.
I for one don't care about their crap and can't be bothered why they believe what they believe about the shape of the Earth, or The Bible being taken as literal fact.
To be honest I don't think the evolutionists are totally right either, but I'm more in their camp when it comes to the "story" of "Evolution".
I'm not an atheist like Marsh is, even though I think a lot of the man-made religions are full of  dogmatic BS to get followers to tow the official line of their religion through fear, as to avoid questioning of doggy content placed in their rule books by humans.
I think you need people like Marsh asking questions to people to see why they believe the things they do, but a lot of the subjects on his show I couldn't care less about and wouldn't waste my time listening to some of the deluded people featured in past shows.
Another podcast I listened to lately was 'The Open Minded Skeptic' mainly because I was looking for podcasts featuring
Damien John Nott talking about his beliefs and "sightings", because when it comes to Damien I am skeptical to the point of if I was a set of scales (like one of my star signs;-) my
"don't believe him"/"do believe him" sides would be nearly perfectly balanced, making me truly skeptical when it comes to Damien's exploits and explanations, I believe:-)
I listened to the 4 episodes Damien was on at this podcast site and the host of the podcast sounds anything other than skeptical when it comes to Damien's stories.
A graphic a Big Dunny that was proposed for the NSW town of Dunedoo?
In a few years time I'll bet there will be people recalling how they remember seeing a news story about a 3 story dunny that was built in Dunedoo ... but in reality it was just a graphic of a proposed dunny for Dunedoo that got canned as a bad idea eventually:-)
The truth is out there ... and so is a lot of  crap, I believe:-)

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