" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 19, 2021

Delta Plans a Pi Day 2022 Concert on the Gold Coast in Times of the Omicron Variant?

Is that Delta's idea of a Little Mermaid impression?-)
And she has been placed opposite a shark attack victim
Delta concert for Pi Day (March 14 [AKA 3/14])?
Pi Day is also Albert Einstein's birthday:-)
I nearly missed this ironic piece of synchromysticism from the same Queensland newspaper that I wrote about in my last post, which featured the Anne Rice news -
Headlines of the Dec. 14th Anne Rice edition? 
From the Queensland December 14th newspaper
I guess listening to Chris Knowles try to explain his obsession over Liz Fraser's music and work as a modern day sibyl and siren archetype in this latest MELT podcast episode he was on the day that newspaper was printed didn't help matters, especially when he mentions Jeff Buckley nearly drowning on Queensland's Gold Coast (where Delta will be having her Pi Day 2022 concert ... if we aren't all in lock-down with the Pi variant by then?-) and Chris and the podcast's host's distrust of the mainstream media (I personally don't trust any media, including armchair experts like MELT hosts and Secret Sun bloggers, no matter how entertaining I find them;-)
I think I side more to the mainstream media and modern medicine when it comes to a weaponized Covid virus released from a Chinese lab, either accidentally, or on purpose ... although I lean to accidentally ... but hey, believe what you like I guess, I'll have my 3rd Pfizer jab next week, so that should be some protection for another 6 months when I'm sure they will be telling us we will need a 4th ... and so on.
Catch FLU-22 or DELTA Skelter?
After the Omicron Covid Variant Comes Pi ... in the Year of the Tiger ... Maybe?-)
I hear that the new Covid variant is going through the roof in Denmark right now, too.
The Little Mermaid/Siren Meme?
Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen (1913)
This life sure is synchromysically strange no matter what you believe ... unless you don't believe that is, I guess?-)

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