" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 13, 2021

The Twelve Days of Christmas and Messages to and From Our "Future Selves" in the Present?-)

That's all my decorations up for this year:-)
I've been listening to the latest series of Theresa Cheung's
'White Shores' podcasts, and today (Monday December 13th in Australia where I live ... and summertime to boot) I listened to her chat with Julia Mossbridge (Who Dr. Bernie Beitman always seems to call Mossberg when he has her on his podcasts I've noticed:-) about sending and receiving messages from the future to the present I guess?-)  
Future Forward with precognitive neuroscientist, Dr Julia Mossbridge
12 days of Christmas
Theresa has been asking her guests for this current season which of the 12 days of Christmas would they choose as a gift or give.
If you want to know what I would choose it would be the five gold rings, not because of 'The Lord of the Rings', which film versions bores me to death to be honest, but because I finally read
Reading Books and the Five Rings in 2021?
I like 
Theresa and her podcast show, not that I always agree on what she believes or says, but it's always fun mulling over the topics discussed with her guests.
"The exact origins and the meaning of the song are unknown, but it is highly probable that it originated from a children's memory and forfeit game."
When I was looking for a version of 'The 12 Days of Christmas' I stumbled across John Denver singing it with The Muppets, and I couldn't help thinking just what John's future self would have told him about his plane crash and not flying that day?
Of course he wouldn't be able to contact his future self about that conundrum, as his future self would have died in the plane crash with his present self:-)/:-(
I say when it comes to asking your "future self" about your
near future plans that it is a good way to make God laugh, as they say:-)
I often wonder just what I would tell my child self from where I am now and it would probably be something like, "suck it up you little spoiled bastard, as I never had my "future self" reaching back through time to give me a hand, and even if I did send you a message you probably wouldn't listen to me anyway ... and it's your fault that I'm where I am today, so why would I want to help you out you little c#nt?";-)  
At least I can laugh about my life, hey God?-)
Can you stop laughing at my question God and answer me?-)
Transcendent Mind?
New Thinking Allowed: Time and Consciousness?
Time-space synaesthesia
I saw this news story above on the Australian ABC news site this morning and thought I should tag it on to this post.

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