" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 28, 2013

Cloud Atlas: Everything is Connected?

I started reading David Icke's book,
Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More about two days ago.
Human Race Get Off Your Knees:
The Lion Sleeps No More
Tour 2011
Gold Coast Convention Centre in 2011
I bought this book not long after seeing David at the
Gold Coast Convention Centre in 2011, but I haven't got round to reading it until now.
Neil Hague
One thing I really like about David's books is the artwork by  
Neil Hague
Reminds me in some ways of Alex Grey's work.
Neil's drawing left, Alex Grey's
painting right
, on my bookmark
Love the prophetic lighting strike on the cross;-)
When I started reading Icke's book this egg image below of Neil's really struck a chord with me, and not because it's nearly Easter, either;-)
Maybe this is what cracking the cosmic egg is all about?
The Cosmic Egg and the Dragon
When I saw the egg drawing of Neil's I wondered what he was up to lately ,as I read his first book years ago, but I hadn't heard if he had written any more lately, but I didn't pursue the the thought by trying to find out.
It was just a thought that crossed my mind, that's all.
Looks like he does have a new book out.
I'll have to have a read of it.
Later that day I went to this blog-site to check out if there were any good stories floating around in the sync-sphere -
Synchromystic Stuff
and I came across this post -
Cloud Atlas - Everything is Connected 
about the movie Cloud Atlas.
Now, this was a movie that I had about one day left to make up my mind whether I should see it at the cinema, as by Thursday it's run might have ended.
That stained glass window
looks slightly familiar to me.
 I checked for screening times and there was a session at 3:10 at Victoria Point  in their cinema 5, which has these big plastic-stained glass type windows on the wall, which slowly change colour all the time.
Vitoria Point Cinema 5
 As I read through the post, I thought this guy is obviously a 
David Icke fan and he is even displaying some of Neil's drawings, so this might be a sync to go see this movie?
I go to the sidebar of the blog to see who owns this particular blog and it is ... Neil Hague.
I couldn't believe it, as I have not seen this blog listed before.
Maybe because he doesn't do a lot of posts, it's slipped by me? 
Anyway, I just had to go see this movie now, after this "coincidence".
And check out the windows on the wall of the cinema it was in.
My last subscription copy
NEXUS magazine
I tried to pick up the latest copy of NEXUS magazine at the shopping centre the cinemas were in, but it wasn't out yet.
My friends Rob and Trish MacGregor have an article in the latest issue, after I told them to try NEXUS, as I thought the magazine editor would be interested.
I used to subscribe to NEXUS magazine, but my subscription ran out with the above pictured issue, and since I'm out of work, I decided to let all magazine subscriptions slide at the moment in an effort to stem the financial hemorrhage. 
I hadn't even read the last issue (Oct-Nov) that my subscription finished on, so I dug it out and started reading it after coming home from Cloud Atlas.
Aliens with a backyard?-)
I flicked through it and saw this cartoon on page 68.
There was also this cartoon
n this issue of
One of Neil's illustrations
Icke's book
I also saw this ad in the same NEXUS issue about tours of Peru, which is where David said he received his initial ' download'.
That picture looks familiar, don't you think?
And look what else I found (above).
Spirit bird?
You've got to be kidding me?
Spirit Bird 2 
I was wondering if I should go Sunday to Bluesfest as well, as Good Friday, which I already had tickets to.
I had bought the Friday tickets a few weeks ago, and lucky I did, because they are now sold out, but there were still tickets for Sunday and I really wanted to see Roger Hodgson, the ex-lead singer of the band Supertramp, my childhood hero.
But I was trying to be logical about it, my money is running out and I don't have a job.
My head was saying no, my heart was saying go.
Guess who else is on Sunday?
After seeing this review in an Oct-Nov issue of NEXUS, it was sorry head, but the heart has spoken. 
You lose.
More aliens, and this is a book
I have, but haven't read yet.

Then I see this ad above.
My photo of the orb at the
Byron Bay Writers Festival,
I had bought tickets for Friday's Bluesfest to see Santana and Rodriguez  play.
Blue butterfly?
Our fridge
My wife's blue butterfly magnet
My mother-in-law brought back this butterfly last year for my wife when my mother-in-law went with her sister on a tour of Cairns after a ride on this -

Tourists Left High 

at 4:20pm in Oz

to visit here -

Countdown to Doom

1981, Episode 21?

Cosmic egg?
"The world's largest egg, belonging to an extinct Madagascan elephant bird, is up for auction in London.
At 30 centimetres high and 21 centimetres wide, the egg is about 100 times larger than a chicken egg and larger than those laid by the dinosaurs.
It is expected to fetch up to $40,000.
James Hyslop from Christies auction house says it is uncommon to find an elephant bird eggs in such good condition.
"It was laid by a giant elephant bird that lived on Madagascar and went extinct somewhere around the 13th to 17th centuries," he said.
"It's very rare to find one that's complete. 
To see one in such perfect condition is a real treat.""
Massive elephant bird egg goes on sale 
You just couldn't make this stuff up if you tied:-)


  1. Whew. Synchro stuff here for me. We got our copy of Nexus today. The windows or whatever they are in that movie theater really do look like windows in a church. Odd.

  2. Not to mention the window behind
    Halle Berry in that shot out of
    "Cloud Atlas",
    well pattern wise,anyhow.