" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 15, 2013

Searching for the Sync Community?

Sync Community?
I don't see much going on around here.
Sync Community?
I've been looking for this Sync community I keep hearing about that it is supposed to be on the net somewhere, and I have to say that I've been waiting to find this fabled group for a few years now.
A group who explores sync together.
Anyone home?
In my search to find the elusive sync community I've come across a few sites that showed promise, but have never felt like a community to me, as far as the people who comment on those sites go.
Sync Community?
I've met some fine individuals, like Rob and Trish MacGregor from and Mike Perry from 67 Not Out, but I'm yet to find a true community of bloggers where they are really making an effort to truly explore the strange world of sync.
Most sync bloggers just have their head stuck in their own patch of sand and really aren't willing to pull their head out and take a really good look around.

Most of them are so busy exploring their own point of view that they don't even have the courtesy to reply to comments left on their blog in an effort to explore a phenomenon they say that they are interested in exploring.
Watching the wheels go round in the 'sync community' has been about as much of an investment in my time at present as watching the wheels in the above petrol pump above go round.
The most promising development I have seen in the last few years was "The SYNC Book" project .
But even those efforts have seemingly failed to establish any real sync community.
If anyone knows of a real sync community who are serious about exploring instead of ignoring other viewpoints please let me know.
It's just a shame that people seem to be stuck in their own little sync worlds afraid to let others who may have a different opinion of the phenomena into theirs.
 If this blogging effort here to document sync in my own life has only been for my own amusement then it is time to think about closing the curtain.
When I started this blog I thought a sync community was forming where other sync bloggers would interact with each other, not in an effort to agree on the phenomena of sync, but to explore it as a community of bloggers coming from different directions in their own sync world, to explore what other bloggers have to say.
Unfortunately, I haven't found such a community on the net yet. 
Maybe going down rabbit holes trying to explore sync with other bloggers just isn't worth the effort after all?
Sync Community?
Maybe we should just go ahead and all do our own things like we've all been doing for so long as a group of separate individuals.
That's about as close as a sync community can be, I guess?
 As for me, I'm getting sick of my fishbowl and swimming in circles.
Anyway, that's my complaint about the 'sync community', although just like leaving comments in an effort to support other sync bloggers, which go unanswered, I feel I've just wasted my time complaining anyway.
Time which would be better spent doing something more productive with my life than documenting sync.
Thanks to those few bloggers who make you feel welcome at their sites when you leave a comment, whether they agree, or not with the comment.
And to those bloggers who don't respond to comments left on their blog, good luck with your searching, as you might eventually find your own navel?-)


  1. Just noticed this post. I guess, as you indicate, we are all on our own paths and somehow never fully meet up.

    There's maybe many reasons why, even the weak one of time limitations - by the time we have written our own daily post, checked on a few blogs and maybe done a little research and so on and so on ... it's time for other things.

    Personally there's much I want to discover, in whatever time I've got left. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places - it's hard to tell.

    Like you I do sometimes question why I'm still blogging. A short while back I wondered if it was time to move on but I'm still plugging away at the moment.

    I might not always watch every video that you publish but I think I read most of your posts. The thing is, I do get something from them and often it will trigger an idea or a train of thought that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

    As to whether there will ever be a true sync community I don't know. But some of us are making some headway in finding our own navels, even if sometimes our heads are in the wrong direction.

    Keep smiling!

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  3. Understood. By the way I didn't take any offence to your post - and was pleased that you mentioned me (and Trish & Rob) in a good light.