" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 26, 2013

Chiloe Island

Ghost-ships off the coast
of Chiloe Island, Chile?
 I was reading chapter one of Rob and Trish MacGregor's book,
'Aliens in the Backyard', and I thought that I would find 
out a little more about Chiloe Island. 
Houses on Chiloe Island
A creepy looking church
on Chiloe Island
Inside the Bat-church;-)
The line out of the MacGregor's book -
"Imagine Edgar Allan Poe with a cell phone and iPad.
Ridiculous, right?", sprung to mind as soon as I saw that church.
"Poe yo! Gettin in the flow, no?"
Flow Like Poe?
This island looks like a real paradox, 
beautiful and creepy at the same time.
Legend has it that troll-like creatures kidnap good-looking women and impregnate them.
Chiloe's Troll?
Strieber's Blue Alien?
Now I think I get why the churches
 here look so creepy;-)
This church looks nice though.
I tell you what though, after reading this first chapter about  
Chiloe Island, I thought whether these are just good yarns, or true stories, or a bit of both, I dare you to read this book around a campfire on a lonely beach somewhere without heart pills in your front pocket.
I think I might even buy a stack of these books and hand them out to trick or treaters next Halloween.
I remember reading about Jessica Watson sailing around Cape Horn by herself, but I bet if she had of read this chapter of the book she may have thought twice about being out on the ocean for 7 months by herself.
Even the beaches look creepy
Doesn't that clip above look like it may have been shot in that creepy church on a rare sunny day?-)

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  1. Chiloe is beautiful and creepy, just as you say. Those colorful houses on stilts, though, are a real visual feast in the daylight. Strange island, for sure. I would love to return! Thanks for the mention, Daz!