" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 24, 2013

More Down-under (Tasmanian) Syncs

Yet another Tasmanian story in the news that links/syncs/sinks a few of my latest posts together.
" Four men have been rescued after their yacht capsized in high seas off Devonport in Tasmania's north-west.
The men were sailing in the 30-foot yacht when it capsized seven kilometres off the coast yesterday afternoon.
After the yacht lost its mast in swells of up to five metres, the men activated a distress beacon.
Sergeant Darren Woolley says the men were found clinging to the hull of the yacht.
"It was about 25 knots, the swells were average - about three metres - but every now and again they were ... standing up at five metres so it was very uncomfortable for the guys," he said.
The men were taken ashore and treated for cuts, exposure and salt water intake.
The yacht was unable to be salvaged."
Rescuers find four men clinging to capsized yacht
 I just wrote a post yesterday about news stories from Tasmania that were syncing up with me in the pop culture world I've been swimming in lately -
The Devil is in the Details? 
and the yacht story really rams home just what a difficult and dangerous journey 
Jessica Watson had while sailing The Pink Lady through similar seas.
The Pink Lady
Jessica Watson: Finding Point Nemo
Jessica Watson and ship she
collided with in
Aussie waters
Sailing The Indian Ocean For Signs?
Jess's boat after running
into the
Silver Yang
In the Doldrums of Everyday Living
Not to mention the book that I have nearly finished reading written by Stephen Sewell, who I met down at the  
Byron Bay Writers Festival last year.
The three books I bought at the BBWF
from the speakers
in the link below
Digital Big Bang: expanding horizons for the work of writers
Stephen Sewell
 In the news story above I noticed that the word swell is close to Sewell and that the English backpacker who is the central character in the story is from Hull in the UK.
I'm about to do a post about this book, as there are a few other interesting syncs to share here as well ;-)


  1. And Hull is in... East Yorkshire... Hmmm ;-)

  2. There is an old saying round these parts...
    "When I die I know I will go to Heaven... for I have spent my time in Hull"
    Ha ha!