" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 22, 2013

Tornadoes Hit Oz

Looks like tornadoes are not
just in
Kansas anymore:-(
"Witnesses who saw two tornadoes that tore through communities in north-eastern Victoria say it was like a bomb went off.
At least 20 people were taken to hospital, two in a critical condition, after the tornadoes touched down in a line stretching from Cobram to Rutherglen just after 7:00pm yesterday.
Authorities say it will take days to clean up the damage.
Buildings in the historic town of Rutherglen were severely damaged, with awnings ripped off and windows smashed.
Trees were shredded and torn out of the ground by their roots.
One witness described how another tornado ripped fence posts out of concrete bases at Tamleugh North, about 112 kilometres south-east of Rutherglen."
Witnesses say tornado was like bomb going off

Tornado at Barooga, New South Wales

Bundalong, Vic tornado damage

with fallen road sign


  1. Wow. I hope these suckers didn't come anywhere near you and your family, Daz!

  2. Scary stuff these extreme weather conditions.

  3. Hi, saw this on the news just now, looked huge. How common are tornadoes in Oz? I know you guys have quite extreme weather some times.

    I have a cheeky smile on because as I am watching the news channels here in the UK, I am switching over and there is a really BAD TV movie on called NYC Tornado Terror, about a Tornado that turns everything to ice!


  4. Re:
    "How common are tornadoes in Oz?"

    We do get tornadoes,but they are fairly rare in Australia.Growing up through my childhood they were so rare that Aussies thought of tornadoes only being an American phenomena.
    Cyclones and storms are what do the damage out here,and it is usually only the north of Oz that cyclones effect.
    To hear of a cyclone hitting say, Sydney or Melbourne would be as common are a hurricane hitting New York.Although those cities aren't immune to getting hit by bad storms at times.