" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 1, 2013

Reality Tunnels of the Tricksters?

" At the time I was under the illusion that the world was conspiring on my behalf and nothing bad would ever happen to me again; 
you know, the stupid shit that kids in their early 20s like to believe. 
But maybe if the utter weirdness of the light show in the sky hadn't  interrupted my reverie, I might have bought this character's bullshit story and paid a terrible price for my naivete.
Even if we rightfully mistrust Space Brothers and Fairy Godmothers, we still operate under the assumption that pleasant events help us and unpleasant events hurt us. 

For my money that's a dangerously naive view.
Encounters with Men in Black or the like might be scary, but if they lead to a more holistic view of reality-- maybe even a more cautious or skeptical one, if you will-- then perhaps we should think about these things a bit differently.
Meister Eckhart taught that the devils in Purgatory were actually angels, who were tearing away our attachments to the physical plane to allow us to move on to the next. 

Whatever tears away our attachment to the politically-motivated fiction we call consensus reality-- no matter how unpleasant it might be at the time-- can't but help but be a blessing in disguise.
I tend to agree with the view in High Weirdness circles that nothing entities like Men in Black say or do should be trusted or taken at face value. 

But I also believe that these entities could be directed by something else entirely for reasons it's up to us to figure out.
If these encounters are frightening or intimidating that only means we should treat these experiences all the more seriously. 

It could well mean that somebody- or something- is trying to get your attention. 
The least you can do is pay it.
MIB-UFO: Virtual Reality and Reality Tunnels
I highly recommend that you read the full article over at  
The Solar Satellite, no matter what belief you have on the subject matter. 
Rewarding reading in my opinion.
After all, not everything in life is black and white;-)



  1. Our daughter is ow dreaming of being abducted with some of her friends. Is this stuff contagious?

    Thanks, Daz.

  2. I think we mostly put our interpretations of anything based on the knowledge we have accepted into our minds since we were children. It takes a brave step to think differently and to form what are really our own views at this moment - but even then we can't be absolutely sure where these thoughts or ideas originated.

    Everything goes back to "Who am I"