" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 25, 2013

The Iceman Cometh in March Sync

The Iceman Cometh to Brisbane in March?
I just wrote a post about Fredric March movies and syncs relating to March 
Fredric March and March Syncs  
and look what happens -
"A man in his 40s was critically injured when a tree fell on him as severe thunderstorms lashed south-east Queensland last night.
Emergency crews worked through the evening after the storm brought down trees and cut power to 50,000 homes.
Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) says a man was running at St Lucia in Brisbane's inner west when he was struck by a tree.
He was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital with head injuries.
Another man also injured at St Lucia was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious but stable condition."
Man critically injured as storms lash SE Qld
The storm hitting Brisbane March 24th
"Gusts of wind were recorded as high as 90 kilometres per hour.
Ipswich councillor Paul Tully says the storms were furious and the full extent of damage will not be realised until later today.
"There were very intense winds, hail and very heavy rain," he said.
"There was hail hitting cars outside the shopping centre and most people were caught unawares because it moved in from the west very, very quickly."
Hail Cometh to Brisbane last night
 My house was one of the 50,000 homes that lost power out of about 1,000,000 in the area.
 Two people from St.Lucia 
St Lucia, Queensland 
were injured in the storm that hit Brisbane,
" a man was running at St Lucia in Brisbane's inner west when he was struck by a tree...
Another man also injured at St Lucia was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious but stable condition."
Lucia means light, oddly enough.
" Saint Lucia enjoys a high degree of popularity in Scandinavian countries, where her feast day is celebrated every December 13th
Her connection to light is considered particularly important in these northern countries that receive so little sunlight in the winter months."
Origin and Meaning of the Name Lucia

Sweden: Lussekatter for St. Lucia’s Day

Statue of St. Lucy at
Saint Leonard of Port Maurice Church
" Saint Lucy was working to help Christians hiding in the catacombs during the terror under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and in order to bring with her as many supplies as possible, she needed to have both hands free. 
She solved this problem by attaching candles to a wreath on her head. "
Saint Lucy's Day
  St. Lucy is the patron saint
of those who
are blind.
I've written about the band Evermore a few times on this blog before, too.
Something in the Air About Emily?
Sailing The Indian Ocean For Signs?
Brisbane Street, Beaudesert
after yesterday's storm.
St Lucia, Brisbane, QLD ·
" Imagine the sun setting over the Brisbane River, thousands of runners and walkers enjoying a March evening ... pounding the pavement, putting their bodies to the test. 
Grimaces, smiles and a few frowns are some of the expressions temporarily occupying the faces of participants ... finally as the sun sets, expressions change as men, women and children of all ages beam coming across the finishing line. "

LIFE LOST: Fun run competitor,
Joe Kelly, 58, has died
of head injuries
 sustained when hit by
a falling branch at

Twilight Running Festival 

at St Lucia March 24

Brisbane's Twilight Running Festival
was blighted by a fierce storm.
"The triathlon community has paid tribute to a strong competitor and "wonderful person" killed by a falling tree branch during a fun run.
Canadians Joe and Laura Kelly were nearing the end of a two-year stint in Australia when Joe was hit by a large branch which fell in high winds during a St Lucia fun run on March 24.
Mr Kelly, 58, an avid triathlete and distance runner, was competing in the Brisbane Twilight Running Festival when a storm hit, bringing torrential rain and strong wind gusts. 
He survived for five days before succumbing to head injuries on Friday.
The Canadian couple moved to Australia in 2010 for work, but were nearing the end of their travels and planned to spend their last three months touring the country before returning to Canada to retire."
Joe Kelly?
The Dark Trickster Rises?
Fallen trees and branches on
the route of the
St Lucia fun run.
Hmm ... very funny, big fella;-)
1424 Crescent Heights.
Speaking of Twilight in recent news Twilight's  
Ashley Greene lost a pet dog in a fire started by a candle in her West Hollywood apartment. 
Ashley Greene’s dog dies in fire that destroys 'Twilight' star's West Hollywood condo 
" Firefighters then attempted to get back into the burning apartment to rescue the star's two fox terrier dogs Marlo and Theo.
One of them was found dead under a bed while a second was treated for injuries sustained."
 Theodore Hickman "Hickey" is the name of the Lee Marvin character in The Iceman Cometh.
Ashley Greene as Kelly!?
Ashley Greene
" The seven-story Granville Tower, where Greene had been renting her apartment, had been built in 1929 and had previously been home to movie stars Mickey Rourke and Rock Hudson "
Barfly Goes To Hollywood
Stephen Sewell author of Babylon, who I wrote about in the last post Babylon grew up in Granville, Sydney.

Stephen Sewell


  1. Weird indeed and I see 424 is squeezed into the synchros.

    My 2 month old granddaughter is called Lucy but I didn't know there was a St.Lucy - thanks!

    Also my grandson (2y7m) keeps saying 'uh-ho' as Trish has written. Just last night he kept saying this about different things.

    'Tis a strange world.