" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 21, 2018


I see Dennis has started a blog for synch-heads like myself, to explore the strange world and topic of synchromysticism, so I thought I would give his new endeavour a shout out for anyone who is into this stuff like we are.
Click on the link below and check out Dennis's new blog for yourself.
"Observations and deep investigations into the nature of our contemporary SYNCHROsphere… a space dedicated to examining and expanding upon the commentary of our favorite synchromystic Blog sites… SHINE FORTH!
- Agent 87, Proprietor

It's good to have another blog to discuss the elephant in the room and just what we think it might be and mean to us.
And through his latest post about elephants I found out (when I put "Elephant+Eugene, Oregon" into a web search) there was a bakery in Eugene, Oregon called the Elegant Elephant Baking Co who don't seem to sell elephant ears, but probably should, (although a gluten-free version of course) as there does seem to be a demand for them with hungry hikers passing through town.
Easy Four Ingredient Elephant Ears
I had never heard of elephant ears until today ... ironically.
Apart from the real thing, that is.
So you learn something everyday I guess through synchromystic interaction it seems.
Although I would imagine you would have to do a fair bit of hiking to burn off your elephant ears to avoid ending up looking like an elephant from eating too many of these sweet treats;-)
And hears a lame riddle for you ... how do you scare a plate of elephant ears?
You put a plate of mouse ears next to them:-)
It looks like they make a mean cherry pie at the
Elegant Elephant Baking Co by the look of this photo above from their Facebook page.
That Cherry pie would be a good seller on the menu come next Pi Day -
Stephen Hawking Dies on Pi Day?!
And you could even have a dessert with your dessert and have one of these elephant cones that seem to be all the rage in Japan.
Anyway, shine forth with your new blog Dennis.
And I think I shouldn't blog on an empty stomach in the future.
Time for breakfast and a cup of coffee for me.


  1. Thank you for giving my site a shout out. The morphic field is becoming aware of synchromysticism. Your synchromystic abilities are legion and your wordsmith/research is incredible. To shine forth is key! Keep synching Darren!

  2. You're welcome Dennis and I have a lot of posts to come yet.
    It's just the tip of the iceberg, I've got over a hundred posts banked up at the moment to write.
    So I do have a sinking feeling about synching at the moment.

  3. Speaking of Elephants...

  4. I'm glad you addressed the elephant in the room there in that post of yours Jack.
    An elephant charges no where near as much as a Discordian does.

  5. I found you ! It was a pleasure meeting you and Jack at Alien Con..a funny thing I had forgotten. Like Jack that noted the 11:11 on the clock on one of my visits to your booth boyfriend reminded me that it was very interesting to him ( a un beliver lol ) that our anniversary of meeting was 1/1/11 HA ..Crazy I love it ..look forward to speaking with you again is unfolding as it should :) Happy day!..Dana

  6. Sorry to disappoint you Dana, but it wasn't me you were talking to as I have never been to Alien Con, nor been outside of my home country, Australia (except for a ten day trip in 1977 to New Zealand's north island).
    You would have to ask Jack who it was that you were talking to that day, as I'm pretty sure he might know who it is that you have confused me with.
    Thanks for stopping by to this blog anyway and who knows, maybe some day our paths will really cross.
    It's a small world for such a big planet I'm finding out...and that's without leaving my home country.
    Maybe I should get out some more and see some of this small world for