" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 30, 2018

Oceans of Insight?

I was listening to a '11:11' podcast called -
Heather Lyn Mann: Ocean of Insight 
"This memoir of six years living afloat is a chronological unfolding of disasters and discoveries—life–threatening storms, the boredom of isolation, societies on the brink of extinction, sinking ships, colorful Caribbean characters, near collisions, a pirate scare, and more.
Throughout, the ocean becomes Mann’s teacher, transforming her with uncompromising lessons on how to harmonize with natural order, the exact moments and ways to let in fearlessness, resilience, happiness, impermanence, balance, compassion, skillful action, and beginner’s mind."
And I noticed at the time in the media that there was a proliferation of people taking to the sea, or wanting to live on the ocean and their concern over our oceans.
This article above in my local paper even made mention of a national TV drama series called 'Harrow', which is about a forensic pathologist who lives on a boat in my hometown of 
Brisbane on the Brisbane River.
I've been watching the show on the internet at the ABC iView site, as Friday night when it screens on TV is not a good time for me to watch it when it clashes with Friday night football.
Ioan Gruffudd who plays Dr. Daniel Harrow in 'Harrow' also played Fifth Officer Lowe in the movie 'Titanic'.
"Going with the flow" and crimes on and of the ocean seem to be themes floating on the surface of the "collective unconsciousness" at the moment.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch plastic pollution dwarfs previous estimates and is 'growing exponentially'
"New findings show that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a rotating soup of plastic in the north Pacific Ocean, contains up to 16 times more waste than previous surveys were able to detect.
A team of scientists has conducted what they say is the most comprehensive study to date of the patch's size and the debris floating in it.
Using a combination of drag netting and visual surveys from boats and an aeroplane, they estimated the patch is 1.6 million square kilometres in area — almost the same size as Queensland.
Mother Earth and Plastic Really Don't Go Together Do They?
Maybe everything isn't so awesome when it comes to our oceans?
Not even the remotest part of the ocean like Point Nemo is safe from trash now and you wouldn't want to be becalmed in that part of the ocean when the space agencies are doing a dump, as that could be deadlier than a white whale.
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Point Nemo
2018 and that Sinking/Synching Feeling?
Maybe I need to get myself an anchor tattoo?-)
Tattoos and Tokens of Hope and Hopelessness
To Sea in a Sailing Ship
Ah, the good old days of the sea.
Time to read my copy of Moby Dick and remember the days when there was no plastic in the oceans, just lots of slaughtered whales;-)
Sorry Nick, but it ain't all good in the world at the moment no matter how you want to float it.
Fighting the GOOD Fight?
The Night Ocean?

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