" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 25, 2018

Whatever Happened to Doreen Virtue?

I was listening to a podcast in the '11:11' podcast archives -
Doreen Virtue
and I was wondering whatever happened to Doreen Virtue, as she seems to have gone off the scene for some reason.
Not that I ever followed her, I just noticed that her name wasn't popping up much lately and wondered if maybe she had passed away, or was ill.
My Doreen Virtue tarot cards
I saw her speak in Brisbane in the late 90s or early 00s when I won two tickets to a Hay House conference which also had Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay on the same bill.
I didn't go along to see Doreen, I went to hear Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay mainly and my ex-(and now deceased) father-in-law took my other ticket to come along to hear Deepak, as he was really into his books, even though my then father-in-law claimed to be an atheist (go figure).
When Doreen came on stage we were both probably thinking, "oh no, not the angel lady" (roll eyes).
But I didn't find her to be as wacky as I thought she was going to be, like some deluded people I've seen give talks at spiritual churches in my past.
Don't get me wrong, because I have seen some impressive spiritualist talks ... but not many, as most of the people who hang around those churches seem to be in their own LA LA Land of self-delusion, or just trying to put on a (poor) show.
Just watching the wheels go round?
To me Doreen Virtue was a little too "New Agey" and had a wacky Christian mythological bent to me, that I couldn't relate to, not that I don't believe in angelic like beings, as I kind of do from my own past experiences.
I have a soft spot for Gabriel and even keep a Saint Gabriel medal in my car, that I bought from a Catholic store.
And a few years back I bought a deck of Doreen Virtue tarot like cards that I found on the shelf at a bookstore.
I prefer the standard tarot deck myself, but I kind of liked the artwork on these cards of Doreen's (not that she painted them), so decided to buy them.
Doreen co-authored the card decks with Radleigh Valentine, the guy in the You Tubes above.
After listening to Doreen in that old 2011 podcast I decided to do a search on her and see what she was doing in 2018 and this is what I found written at her Wikipedia page -
"Virtue previously wrote for the publishing company Hay House and had a number of books, audio-books and oracle card decks, published with them on various topics such as angels, fairies,
indigo children, and ascended masters.
Since her baptism on February 25, 2017, Doreen only writes scripturally (except for a weekly New Age column in Woman's World), even though some of her previous writing is still being sold by her former publisher.
She has removed some products from the marketplace, removed her name from co-authored books, donated royalties from sales of Tarot-related products to the Hay Foundation Charity, and rewritten books to be "scripturally correct" though she lacks any formal education in Theology."
Not that I'm into the "New Age" any more than I am into "Christianity", but my reaction to this news was similar to the young lady in the above video.
So, I looked up some recent Doreen Virtue videos to get it from the horse's mouth, rather than from whispers on the net from others like Robert W Lester with his sloppy homework and heaven knows what point of view.
I listened to Doreen explain what happened to make her to go down her current path and about her experience of seeing "Jesus" in a church.
I was baptized into that church as a baby (we called it "The Church of England" back then, now it's called Anglican), not that we ever went to church as a family, I just went to The Church of England religious instruction class in school and that was enough for me.
I've read the Bible from cover to cover, and it is quite obvious it's just a man-made book written and edited to control the people by the people who were/are in authority. 
Not to say that there isn't gems of wisdom and truth in there, but a lot of it is the word of man more than God I feel.
Oops! It's off to a mythical man made up hell for me now for a loving God to roast my soul for ever and ever amen, right?
I just don't buy that hellfire and brimstone crap and have no problem in believing in reincarnation, so those "Christians" who are like "I'm going to heaven and you are going to hell" I treat like 
"Flat-Earthers", because you obviously don't use the brain God gave you to think with.
There are a lot of good people who go to church though and who are genuinely loving and caring people and who don't condemn other souls to helland they are the kind of "Christians" I have time for.
When I was old enough, I chose the church I wanted to be part of and got confirmed in it.
And I'm sure there are good Anglican, Catholic and other churches that I would be quite comfortable going to church and worshiping in.
But to me God is everywhere, so going to church isn't big on my "to do" list, but I like going from time to time and not necessarily to the church I was confirmed, or baptized in.    
And I'm just as happy going into a Buddhist temple, as church to be with God, as it's the mystical experience of God I'm after, and not to hear some man or woman tell me what God is all about.
Which is why I like priests like Matthew Fox and his views on mystical Christianity.
Matthew Fox: Christian Mystics
April 7, 2011
I think Doreen Virtue probably needs to wander down the path she is on now and I just hope she doesn't become one of those bitter "Christians" condemning everyone but themselves to a mythical hell of their own imagined creation.
Some of the stuff Doreen says in her new Jesus videos even makes more sense than the stuff she was saying when she was giving her "New Age" lectures on angels.
I agree with her about going directly to the source and cutting out the middleman/woman/angel, which brings to mind another middleman for me ... Jesus?
Still following the white rabbit, I see?-)
"God said to Abraham, KILL me a son" and the Psychedelic Apocalypse?
Will the real Jesus please
take one step forward?-)
We're all on a journey through this earthy matrix, tarot cards, or not.
Happy trails Doreen and I'll see you on the other side... God willing?-)



  1. Would love to go to a cosmic they have them in Auz?

  2. Yeah, there's the Byron Bay Bluesfest at Easter, Dark Mofo at the winter solstice and the Woodford Folkfest at New Year:-)
    But as far as the Matthew Fox/Anglican Church Cosmic Mass goes I have no idea about that to tell the truth, but this is Australia so I imagine there would have to be something like that here.
    To tell the truth though, I like a good Solemn High Mass in a really old stone church with organ music, incense and the works.
    And the Buddhists put on a pretty good service with their drums and incense, too.

  3. How did I miss this one? Intriguing!