" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 23, 2018

Grimerica Episode #274: The MacGregors, Synchronicity, UFOs and Pi/Pie in the Sky Day?

March 14th (3/14) AKA Pi Day?
I had never heard of, or listened to a podcast called 'Grimerica' before today, but I was reading a post today at the 'Synchrosecrets' blog titled 'Poker Machine Compulsion' and the MacGregors mentioned that the guy who told them the poker machine story heard them being interviewed on 'Grimerica'.
MARCH 14, 2018
I did an internet search and found the show had the date of March 14th and as nerds would know that day is Pi Day.
But it was kind of eerie this year with Stephen Hawking passing away on Pi Day, too -
Stephen Hawking Dies on Pi Day?!
Hawking shares January 8th with Bowie as far as birthday celebrations go, but Hawking was born in '42 (2x3x7=42) and Bowie in '47.
I've only listened to the one podcast of 'Grimerica' so far and while these guys do have an impressive list of guests that they have interviewed in the past, like Gordon White, David Plate and a lot of other syncheads I know, they come across as a couple of Bill and Ted type of potheads ... just my first impressions anyway.
Hmm ... September 23rd ... my birthday, too;-)
After listening to the first couple of minutes of rambling from these guys I jumped to the 44-minute mark where in the show notes they tip you off that that's where the interview with the MacGregors starts ... but it starts a bit earlier than that.
At the end of the interview these guys start rambling on about Richard Parker and the 'Life of Pi' and the synchs sounding Richard Parker in the MacGregor's book.
On March 18th (Australian time ... we're a day ahead of the USA) the newspaper headlines were telling of the rare tumor 'Life of Pi' star Irrfan Khan has been diagnosed as having.
Irrfan Khan was born on January 7th, by the way, so he celebrates his birthday one day before Bowie and Hawking.
'Grimerica' seems to be more about UFOs than synchronicity, which is probably why I haven't heard of it before, because I'm into to synchronicity and other woo-woo stuff and not really into the UFO thing.
Interestingly though, the two main actors who starred in the Hawking film both have green eyes, as do I;-)
Felicity Jones, the Girl with the Green (Alien?-) Eyes
So much for that pi in the sky theory, right?-)
Oh, and Eddie Redmayne was born on January 6th, so he would celebrate his birthday the day before Irrfan Khan.

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  1. Love the way you connect things, Daz!

    I'd never heard of Grimerica, either, until we connected on Inztagram. The hosts were a lot of fun!