" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 18, 2018

Revealing How IT Will All End?-)

The END?
I was checking out what the angels and demons had posted recently at the 'Watching the Watchmen' blog (and I still haven't figured out which category the blog owner thinks I belong in:-) and saw that there seemed to be an "end of the world, as we know it" theme going on, especially with 'The Secret Sun' and 'Dorothy Surrenders' latest posts.
Harry Anderson
I wasn't blogging about the end of the world in my last post, but I was writing about the end of Harry Anderson's earthly world (as Harry Anderson anyway) and the syncs surrounding him acting in a movie about an alien clown.
The latest movie version of 'IT' has a Swedish actor playing the role of that evil clown, so let's pray for a happy ending in that one hey?-)
Bill Skarsgรฅrd as IT
Chris Knowles was also writing about evil alien clowns, more or less, in his "end of the world" post.
IT came from outer space?-)
And Dorothy's latest post is about how the Swedes end the movie 'Finding Dory', a movie franchise that centers around a clown fish by the way:-)
Which makes me wonder if 'IT' ends with a slut on the Swedish screen, too.
Let's not forget that a lot of fundaMENTAL Christians and other assorted nut-bags think the world will end with the coming of the Whore of Babylon, too.
"The Whore of Babylon or Babylon the Great is a mythological female figure and also place of evil mentioned in the
Book of Revelation in the Bible.
Her full title is given as "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth.""
"God's plan for Gay people was HELL"?!
And on the subject of clowns and religious nut-bags, footballer Israel Folau (let's just call him by his initials IF) is making headlines because of his tweet that he believes "God's plan for Gay people was HELL".
Israel Folau breaks silence, says he would walk away from Australian rugby, criticises Raelene Castle
Of course with religious nut-bags like IF, he would be of the opinion that everyone who doesn't believe what his man-made religion says is going to HELL anyway, so who gives a f#ck what he has to tweet.
He probably thinks the earth is flat, too, I'll bet.
And I'll bet his idea of getting someone stoned is way different to how I would think about the same words, too;-)
I would be quite happy to see the end of IF's football career to be honest.
Or should I say SLUT?-)

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