" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 13, 2018

The Deeper Meaning of 'The Call of Cthulhu' and 'The Dark Lord'?

In 'The Dark Lord' Peter Levenda writes, 
"...the Typhonian Tradition says that there is no beginning - just ancient days - and no end, because the universe is eternal and the yugas and the kulpas repeat themselves endlessly.
Time is not linear.
What goes around...well you know."
It's Already Been 50 Years Since Mr. Eternity Died?!
Levenda goes on to write, "The Dark Lord represents chaos, not stability, not established institutions like churches and states.
As humans, we crave stability but we need to get our heads around the chaos first.
Because chaos is what's happening.
We need to come to terms with the Dark Lord."
"In the Necronomicon, the initiatory program is important.
The rising on the seven levels of initiation is a requirement before one goes sailing off into deep space.
One must be psychologically prepared for what will follow.
In India, one rises one chakra at a time, and it can take years to accomplish the entire program."
"But once that is done. it's open season on trafficking with discarnate entities."
"Just imagine for a moment equating Cthulhu with Kundalini, which is precisely what Grant suggested.
Or equating both with the Egyptian deity Set.
That was Grant's intention and it is obvious from his work that he (and his followers) was dedicated to just that.
The Dark Lord, like Kundalini and Cthulhu, lies dead but dreaming.
In psycho-sexual terms, at the base of the spine waiting to be "evoked" through "orgiastic rites" of the followers of Cthulhu.
In magical terms, simultaneously deep within the bowels of the earth and at some unimaginable distance in deep space.
Thank God for quantum theory and non-locality."  
The owls aren't what they seem?!
"We have seen that Crowley wrote a series of texts in 1907 that he called the Holy Books, and that these were "received" texts, much like 'The Book of the Law' itself.
These writings are the most clearly Lovecraftian of all the pre-Grant Thelemic material, with the possible exception of Jack Parsons and his 'Book of the Antichrist', written in 1948 and a year after the Roswell incident and the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting...and a year after the death of Crowley himself."
Hmm ... Carl Jung's angel?
"And at some point we have to accept that this is what is happening: that the bizarre themes we find in the purple prose of Gothic fiction have become the operating principle of our world."
"Lovecraft wrote that the artists and the sensitives are the first to notice the incoming forces of the Great Old Ones.
He could have added magicians to that list and indeed, there were occultists among those who, in 'The Call of Cthulhu' responded to the Call.
What he failed to realize - as an atheist - is that the occultists can push back."  
The more deep and dangerous oceans to explore and overcome are within.
Downside Up: The Golden Bough and Fraser/Frazer?

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