" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 1, 2018

April Fools' Day/Easter Sunday?

Well, today in my part of the world at least, April Fools' Day falls on Easter Sunday.
Hmm ... more cliff walkers on a journey in April?-)
I'm glad I could find some hot-cross buns to eat on my dairy-free vegetarian diet too this Easter, even if they did come all the way from Middle Earth (New Zealand).
Jasun over at the 'Auticulture' blog wrote an interesting piece about April Fools' Day falling on Easter Sunday titled 'Return of the Fool', which is worth a read today, I think.
The 1st of April also marks the end of daylight saving in Australia until the summer rolls back around, and so now my home state of Queensland (who won't play the daylight saving game) are back in sync with the rest of the east coast of Australia, which to me personally is good, since I'm heading down to New South Wales to catch a little birdy sing at a music festival today and I won't have to wind my watch back at the border, thank heavens.
And like my old mate over at Rune Soup mentions, I might have to keep one eye to the sky on my drive down to Byron Bay today?
I hope I'm not one of those second rate synchromystics Gordon refers to in his post?
Maybe this is just all a big Chinese April Fools' Day stunt at the West's expense anyway?-)
And why do these supermarket flyers have to be so cruel to ex-seafood lovers like myself at Easter?
Get ye behind me Satan, as I will not give in to these taste sensations this weekend:-)
Anyway, eat drink and be merry, for today we could die.
And for me that is a reality, and forget about the space junk odds, because I'll be on the roads today where the odds of getting killed by other fools aren't so good for the average driver.
Happy Easter/April Fools'Day ... take your pick.

UPDATE: 2nd April, 2018
Well, April Fools' Day at Bluesfest turned out to be surreal in more ways than one for me, as I got to meet Sheryl Crow at the artist's signing tent.
I never thought a big act singer like Sheryl Crow would be signing her CDs at Bluesfest, but I'm glad that she did.
Sheryl was signing before her show, so security at the signing tent told us all before we got to her to just get in and out and no mucking about, as Sheryl had to be on stage soon and couldn't hang around to chat.
The funny thing though is that I hate selfies and never take them, but I will usually snap a picture of the artist chatting to who was in front of me in the line.
But the people in front of me completely blocked Sheryl from my view so I had to get a shot of Sheryl as I approached the bench, if I wanted a shot at all, but I rushed the shot and the image came out all trippy looking as you can see of the photo posted above.
I was almost going to delete what I thought was a useless photo, but when I had uploaded my photos to my computer it looked very zen like to me and I really liked the "mistake" that I had captured through my iPhone and bad photography skills.
Looking at the image on my camera I realized when Sheryl was signing my CD that I had botched my first photo of her, so took another one before I missed my opportunity of getting a good photo of her to remember our paths crossing on Easter Sunday, 2018.    
Earlier in the day I also got Mia Dyson to sign her CD for me after I had just watched her great performance on stage at the Crossroads tent.
Mia Dyson on stage with her dad and band at the Crossroads stage 
Mia Dyson at the signing tent Easter Sunday, 2018
I didn't have any of Mia's CDs so I didn't know which one to get until I saw her CD with the song 'Fool' on it.
I then asked her if she would write "Happy April Fools'Day" on it and draw an arrow the the song on the CD.
What a foolish day it was down by the Bay on 
April Fool's Day/Easter Sunday, if I may say?-)
Sheryl Crow on stage at the Crossroads tent on Easter Sunday, 2018

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