" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 10, 2018

Just Breathe?!

Sacred weavers of infinite time, we use all that is
 to create from no thing to something

I see the latest '11:11 Magazine' just came out and this April edition is titled 'Just Breathe', which I find rather synchy, as I wrote a recent post about discovering the '11:11 podcast' because of an Australian magazine called 'Breathe' and its cover with crows sitting in a tree -
Number Clusters, Time Prompts, Cycles and Signs?
I found out about the latest '11:11 Magazine' this morning when Simran mentioned the magazine in her latest podcast -
Effortless Living: Jason Gregory 
which came through on my iTunes list of podcasts this morning (Tuesday morning in Australia).
The Void Throw Pillow
What also struck me in the latest '11:11 Magazine' was Simran's painting and essay on 'The Void'.
The Void Tote Bag
The poster on my bedroom wall
Simran's 'The Void' reminded me of the poster I bought the night I viewed the rings of Saturn through a telescope in the town of Port Macquarie in New South Wales while on a road-trip just after my father had passed away -
My Observations of Time and Space in Port Macquarie
My father's birthday
I bought the poster of the hourglass nebula from the observatory, because my father's birthday (and also the anniversary of the passing of his mother) was the 8th of April and the number 8 on its side becomes the infinity symbol
I also find it ironic that the latest issue of the Australian magazine 'Breathe', which I haven't bought yet, but think I will now, is issue #8.
Last night before going to bed I had listened to an old 'Active Vegetarian' podcast titled -
av 046 – on illness, death and grief
Nikki posted this podcast on August 13th, 2016 and wrote -
"With this podcast, I open up and become quite vulnerable.
All in hopes that those of you reading this or listening understand that we are only humans, just like you.
We do this as a passion, simply to share everything we know and continue to learn with all of you in hopes that somehow we can have some positive effect on your health, fitness, and/or overall wellbeing.
That said – I hope there is some light within this post/podcast that will help ease some pain or suffering that you may be experiencing, prepare you for it in the future, or allow you to help someone you know that may be going through something similar.
Whatever it may be – the light from losing my Dad is my ability to take my pain, sorrow, hurt, anger everything that comes with it and use it as a tool to help others that are coping.
I guess I have always tried to be more optimistic in most situations – but really, lets face it – how the heck do you do that when you are faced with the idea of losing a loved one!?

In the podcast Nikki talks about her yoga practice and the importance of breath and witnessing her father take his last breath on this earth (this time round anyway).
I only came across this podcast last night, but ironically when I saw the date that this podcast was posted I realized my own father passed away exactly one month later on September 13th, 2016.
Nikki had also posted an Alan Watts video featuring a crow on a death mask, which I also found rather apt to me, as crows followed me everywhere on my three road-trips in 2016, as I wrote in this post -
On the Road with Corvids
The crow I saw while on the road in April, 2016
That photo above was of a crow that flew to me in April, 2016 when I was in the town of Jindabyne, New South Wales and about to climb/walk the highest mountain in Australia.
Nikki also posted this Ram Dass video below.
I was also just notified in my Netflix account about a new documentary on Ram Dass called 'Ram Dass: Going Home', so timing is everything in my life at the moment it seems;-)
So, I tell myself "just breathe".


  1. This one is a synchro for me. Take a look:

  2. It should be a synchro for you Trish, because if you click on the 'Number Clusters, Time Prompts, Cycles and Signs?' link in the above post you will see that I came across Simran's site after reading your '10:10 Cluster' post -