" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 4, 2018

Watkins Books Videos?

I was reading the Watkins Books 'Mind Body Spirit' magazine I received a few weeks ago in the mail and noticed a page telling the readers about the Watkins Books Video channel on You Tube.
I had seen talks filmed at the bookstore on You Tube before, like this one above of my old mate Gordon White from the 'Rune Soup' blog talking about his book 'Star.ships'.
But I didn't realize that Watkins Books had their own You Tube channel with heaps of talks by authors who have given a talk there in recent times.
They even have the odd cameo appearance like the You Tube above of Brian Cranston visiting the store to listen to a friend's talk.
But I found some interesting videos that I never knew existed, like this one of Lilou from 2013 below.
I wrote about Lilou in a resent post about number clusters where I posted a video of her interviewing Simran Singh from '11:11 Magazine' -
Number Clusters, Time Prompts, Cycles and Signs?
But I also found a talk by Pia Orleane who I also mentioned Simran Singh interviewing on Simran's '11:11' podcast show.
The funny thing is I bought this magazine for its top 100 list and I see that one of my favourite movie directors and artists, David Lynch, is #17 in that list.
So, David Lynch was number 17 on the Watkins Books top 100 in 2017?
Hmm ... 17 hey?
Number Clusters, Time Prompts, Cycles and Signs?
Fish can't climb trees?!

My Walk Through a David Lynch Painting

My Sunday: Between Two Worlds and Trying to Catch the Big Fish
Listening to Trees
The weird thing is that I bought the season 3 DVD of 'Twin Peaks' the other day and am currently watching them after just having worked my way through seasons 1&2.
I see the controversial Teal Swan also had a video shot at Watkins Books and her story of abuse reminded me of the character of Laura Palmer out of 'Twin Peaks'.
I also thought it was rather synchy that I wrote a post about Thoth, subscriptions and 'Breathe' magazine and then I see an advert in the 'Mind Body Spirit' magazine for subscriptions to the magazine with a book titled 'Breathe' reviewed on the opposite page to the subscription advert.
Thoth, Writing, Books, Magazines and SubSCRIPTions?

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