" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 21, 2018

Have a Nice Day?

Great advice from the pages of Matt Haig's book
'Notes on a Nervous Planet', although the smiley sticker* in my book doesn't come with the book, so you will have to pop down to your local supermarket and buy one, or order one online if you want to have a book like mine:-)
Or you could just buy some post-it notes and a pen and write 'have a nice day' and stick it ... on the relevant page:-)
Part of page 231 from 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' 
Ironically, I read the above chapters while on a sun-lounger in my backyard soaking up the sun's rays on my skin, not really working on a tan (although it's a bonus buyproduct I guess;-), but just getting some natural vitamin D (and who knows maybe even some future skin cancers if I live long enough?), so I don't have to buy vitamins to supplement my vegetarian/non-dairy diet.   
I'm always chasing some kind of ray it seems ... and that's not a Gay joke BTW ... because I don't chase those kind of Rays and I'm not knocking anyone who does ... I just like rainbows.
Although I guess I don't really chase rainbows in a real sense, I just stop and stare at them and wonder if there is any real truth to that old pot of gold myth.
Anyway, I love Matt's new book (can you tell from my previous posts?-) and I would tell you that you should buy a copy, but this probably isn't the post to suggest that you do I guess.
Whether you buy a copy of Matt's book or not, I still wish you a very nice day, unless you happen to be my ex-wife or ex-mother-in-law reading this post, in which case I suggest you write out "have a nice day" on a post-it note and sick it where the sun don't shine:-)  
This Jungian Life: The Mother-in-Law Problem?
Maybe Freudians would find analyzing this post of mine more rewarding, but they can stick a post-it note where the sun don't shine also, because I'm more into Jungian analysts than Freudian ones ... but I'm still straight no matter how you analyze this post I wrote.
What, you're still not buyin' it?-)
Whatever floats or rows your boat I guess.
*It's not a real sticker, just something I whipped up in the paint program on my computer.  

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