" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 13, 2018


I went shopping in my local Coles supermarket the other day and when I paid for my groceries the cashier informed me that I had spent enough money to receive a free random miniature product line from 30 possible miniatures in the collection. 
Coles miniatures already selling for $300 on eBay
I was going to say "no thank you" to the cashier as I don't even use half of those products, but I did like the look of the small Vegemite jar and I thought if I chanced the bananas I could put them on top of my fridge to remind me to eat more healthier types of food.
Plus a thought came into my head that I wouldn't be sorry if I said yes, so I did.
And I ended up tearing the wrapper open when I got home to find a miniature packet of 
Messy Monkeys burger flavoured whole grain bites.
I had a good laugh to myself over this item as I had written a post about these bites in a post not too long ago -
Sugar-Free(dom) and the Monkey Mind?
 Not exactly the bananas or Vegemite jar I was hoping for, in fact I had never even noticed that there was a miniature packet of
Messy Monkeys among the collectibles until I got one.
I had started reading Liz Gilbert's book 'Eat, Pray, Love' again from where I left off months (years?) ago -
New Italy: 1881, The Deadman's Hand, Dante and Dad?
And I was up to the section where Liz was being called "Groceries" by the guy from Texas in the Indian ashram where she confessed to be having trouble meditating and singing the Guru Gita.
I've never been one for gurus and meditation, but I would like to do something like TM without all of that guru BS, just to calm the "monkey mind" from time to time, something like David Lynch is into.
So I had a brain-storm and placed my miniature packet of
'Messy Monkeys' in front of my religious figures on my computer table shelf.
Let's see how them cope with that distraction;-)
This happened a few weeks before I went down to the
Byron Writers Festival, but the weird thing was I ran into and attended a talk by Sarah Wilson who was the lady who started the original sugar-free diet blog.
And I bought her new book called
'First, We Make the Beast Beautiful'.
I wasn't interested in sugar-free diets, but I was interested in Sarah's story about depression and anxiety, which seemed to be a running theme at this year's BWF. 
Sarah Wilson and Brigid Delaney on Saturday morning at the BWF
 I went to hear a talk called 'The Wellness Industry' on Saturday morning because I had seen Brigid Delaney at the Byron Theatre the night before in a show called 'Bedtime Stories', where Brigid mixed her experience of going on a fasting diet for a newspaper story and the story of the very hungry caterpillar
(maybe that should have been snake?-).
The day the snake came and my struggles with Pink disappeared
Brigid Delaney (green dress) at 'Bedtime Stories'

At 'The Wellness Industry' talk on Saturday morning Brigid told us of her attempt to write a newspaper story about the singer Pink who was touring around Australia with her 'Beautiful Trauma' Tour.
But ironically Pink was sick the weekend of the BWF and had cancelled some Sydney shows to the dismay of some fans.
Pink apologises to fans over tour changes, takes another swipe at paparazzi
"Pink has apologised to ticket holders after postponing four Sydney shows over the last week.
On Wednesday, the 38-year-old released a statement on Instagram explaining why there was a late cancellation on Monday.
"We were absolutely planning on going ahead with the show and about 20 minutes before I left for soundcheck, I was rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain," she wrote.

"That was the reason for the late cancellation.
It was out of anyone's control, and of course, wasn't planned that way."
The singer was discharged from Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital last night, and has been ordered to rest by her doctors after battling a gastric virus."

 The WTF(?) thing was that Pink was staying in the resort that the writers festival was being held in and she had been swimming in the swimming pool that I had been eating next to ... not that I ever spotted her while I was down there.
The Shamanic Artists of Byron Bay: The Medicine of Karuah and Sean O'Shea
Pink was relaxing on the same stretch of beach as I was listening to another singer that day
But Brigid went on to tell us that after writing her story for the newspaper Brigid was on a sun-lounger on the edge of the pool and when she looked beside her to the next sun-lounger there was Pink.
My view of the pool from the cafe at the BWF
And one of the meals I ate at the poolside cafe that weekend
So, until Brigid told her WTF(?) Pink story on Saturday morning at 'The Wellness Industry' talk, I had no idea that Pink was even in Byron Bay that weekend.
There were ironies all round that weekend as both Sarah and Brigid were sick when they had to do 'The Wellness Industry' talk and one of the other story tellers on stage with Brigid at the 'Bedtime Stories' show the night before was Sarah Krasnostein, author of the book 'The Trauma Cleaner'.
 'The Trauma Cleaner'?!
The 'Beautiful Trauma' Tour?!
I've heard the term "sink the pink" before, but not sure about hearing the term "synch the Pink". 
Last I heard Pink was back on her 'Beautiful Trauma' tour knockin'em dead.
So all's well that ends well, it seems;-)
Let's hope the monkey is off Pink's back now for the rest of her tour.
Oh, and one more thing, I ended up buying a ticket to one of Pink's Brisbane concerts after hearing about all of this and my ticket cost $108.
Read 'Eat, Pray, Love' to find out the significance of #108;-)

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