" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 30, 2018

Don't Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle: How to Break Free of Negativity and Drama?

The 'Sparkle Motion' dancers from the excellent movie 'Donnie Darko'
At end of last year I bought a book that I saw on a supermarket shelf written by a lady named Doreen Virtue who I had seen speak live in my hometown years ago in a Hay House tour.
I didn't go to listen to Doreen speak, I went to listen to Wayne Dyer mainly and was curious to hear what Deepak Chopra had to say.
I think Louise Hay was the other speaker on the program that day.
I never would have paid the $320 for a ticket out of my pocket to see these speakers.
I saw a competition in the local Brisbane paper for two tickets to this day long presentation and there was only one winner in that newspaper competition ... me.
I just went with the flow and mailed in an envelope to the paper thinking if I'm meant to go this gig "the universe" will let my envelope be the winner.
I've got to say that I was glad that I didn't fork out any of my own money to go to this day out.
I have never read any of the books by these authors since that day I saw them speak, but I do have a Wayne Dyer book I bought just before he passed away three years ago to this day which sits on my bookshelf still unread.
I think I did borrow a copy of Louise Hay's book about healing yourself years before I saw her speak that day, but it didn't have much of an impression on me when I read it.
Louise Hay passed away a year ago from tomorrow (August 30th, although by the time I post this it probably will be August 30th).
The only thing I had bought of Doreen's apart from the book I bought last year was a deck of "Angel Cards", which I wrote about in this post -
Whatever Happened to Doreen Virtue?
I notice one of Doreen's videos I used in that post has been pulled since, which doesn't really surprise me.
Yesterday I started to read Doreen's book
'The Courage to be Creative', not really knowing just how much of the book Doreen stands by now that she is a Christian ... whatever that means.
I just see Doreen as a lady who has lost her courage and now lives in fear of a devil that doesn't exist and is scared of going to a place that really only exists in her fears and not in any reality ... hell.
I'm not saying that there aren't negative forces in the world and universe, or that there aren't hellish realms you could find yourself in.
But an eternal hell for sinners and anyone who doesn't believe in another possibly mythical figure?
Follow me or go to hell?
My feeling is that Doreen has lost her courage and lives in her own fears of going to hell.
I must say that when it comes to religions I agree with Paul Cox.
Any "God" who would condemn a soul to eternal hell is no "God" that I can believe in.
Sorry Doreen.
I will finish reading this book though, as I've learned that the "book angel" always seems to put the right book in front of me at the right time.
And unlike most Christians I have read the "Good Book" from cover to cover, so you can cherry pick it all you want, but to me it doesn't add up as a whole.
You can't dull my sparkle with your new found fears Doreen, I'm afraid ... not.
I have faith in the universe and my own feelings to guide me. 
That's my "God" and you may not realize it, but it's your "God", too.
No matter what man written made up fears you want to believe in.
Not that I'm into the "New Age" any more than I am into "Christianity", but my reaction to this news about DV was similar to the young lady in the above and below video.
I'll be keeping the cards by the way, as I think they are creative and courageous works of art;-)
Just watching the wheels go round?

UPDATE: August 31st, 2018
So, would the real Jesus please stand up?
From page 66 of  'The Courage to be Creative' 
My question is that if "Jesus" has been guiding Doreen all these years that she asked for His guidance, why did Jesus come to her in the church recently and rebuke her work that according to Doreen Jesus encouraged? 
I find this all a bit confusing to tell the truth.

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