" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 18, 2018

"Science is Really the Plumbing Level of Reality" Terence McKenna

Last weekend my neighbour called a plumber out because his drains had blocked and since the main sewer drain hole is in my yard the plumber needed to get access to the cover to unblock the drains for the whole unit block we all lived in.
I felt sorry for the poor plumber having to get into the drain with his little scoop shovel and shovel the crap out of the drain, which included tampons, raggy wipes, netting from some kind of food like you might wrap a ham in (or something like that), a plastic fork (?!) and a heap of toilet paper and literal crap.
So the blockage was a combination of dead tree roots (nature) and shit that was shoved down the drain apart from the shit that should have been going down the drain (stupid humans) in the first place.
And whoever thought planting a Lilly-pilly tree next to a main sewer drain all those years ago wasn't thinking about future consequences of the shit-storm it would create, either.
The Spirit of the Lily and the Lillypilly?
The stump of the lilly pilly tree in my backyard
I had the tree cut down a few months back reluctantly, because my bird friends really loved it.
But I could see this relatively young tree causing a shitload of problems further down the track, or in this case drain.
Listening to an old Terence McKenna video on You Tube last night where he says, "science is really the plumbing level of reality", I couldn't help thinking of that blocked drain in my backyard as a great metaphor for what he was saying in the lecture. 
Thinking of the poor plumber (a bit richer though after doing this job) down in the drain shoveling the crap out of the hole also reminded me of Dr. Amp shoveling himself out of the shit in the latest 'Twin Peaks' TV series.
Watch out for those darn tree roots Dr. Amp;-)
Terence McKenna's statement about science also reminded my of that shit-fight trainwreck of a podcast I listened to a few weeks ago at the 'Skeptiko' site where the two guys (guy ... guy ... guy ...) were arguing about science -
Listening to that podcast again I couldn't help thinking about the sewer in my backyard again and how the internet seems to be getting blocked up with augments over all sorts of weird shit and turning into one big shit-fight lately.  
I think I might have to get a gold shovel and keep it handy for those rabbit holes I venture down on the world wide web.
Those white rabbits probably crap as fast as they breed
down there?-)
Who knows just what the future holds in this reality and for science and its team of plumbers?-)
20.07 – MU Podcast
And did these guys on the 'Mysterious Universe' podcast mention sitys or shitys that Hank stumbles across in the future?-)
It's a jungle down (out) there it seems ... among other things.
My garbage bin overfloweth with junk from the main drain and that's not my "recycle bin" from my computer, either.

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