" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 17, 2018

"The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself, I'm Afraid"?

And don't forget "laughter is the best medicine", either Doc:-)
Reading Matt Haig's new book 'Notes on a Nervous Planet', he writes something that is very true in his 'Fear and Time' chapter ... and I quote -
"Like "time heals" and all the best clichés, it has become a cliché for good reason - it has the power of truth"
Matt confesses to to worrying about time, time after time in his life and in the lives of others he loves and cares about.

Hiroshima Day: August 6th and Fold Your Weapons?
To me when I read all of these old famous quotes and clichés I see in books I can't help but to try and see the irony of pop-culture and language and try to see them in a new perspective in my own life.
I also like when pop-culture ironically collides in some cosmic tricksterish way like it did on the weekend of the Byron Writers Festival when Pink took time out on the beach while staying in the same resort that the Byron Writers Festival was being held in.
There is a very good chapter in Matt's book called 'A Note from the Beach' where he writes the whole chapter from the beach's point of view and he ends that chapter with the words -
"And if they are thinking about you, why do you care?
Why do you humans worry so much about a stranger's opinion?
Why don't you do what I do?
Let it wash all over you.
Allow yourself to be as you are.
Just be.
Just beach."
"Allow yourself to be as you are. Just be. Just beach."
Things Go Better with cOKe?
I wrote a big "WTF?" synchronicity story that happened to one of the authors who was staying at the same resort as Pink and participating at the writers festival and who after a traumatic week trying to write a newspaper article about Pink found Pink lounging right next to her at the pool in Byron Bay -
The day the snake came and my struggles with Pink disappeared
Pink on 'Sunrise'?-)
Pink sunrise by Wanowicz
In Matt's chapter 'How to Stop Worrying About Aging' he writes at the end of it -
"Be the orange sunset that outclasses the pink sunrise.
Be the self that dares to be true."
Pink might have something to say about that saying of Matt's ... just sayin';-)
Matt Haig being interviewed by Sarah Kanowski Friday at the BWF
This is the podcast link to the talk pictured above -
Matt Haig on the anxiety of modern life
And who is that fool in the audience whistling at the end of it?-)
There is a chapter in Matt Haig's book 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' titled 'Maybe' where Matt writes, "maybe there is no certain way to be happy."
"Maybe there are only maybes."
"Maybe the point of life is to give up certainty and to embrace life's beautiful uncertainty.

And maybe as souls we are here to learn from life's traumas, the beautiful and not so beautiful lessons of life as a human being of planet earth?
Life, it's not all good, but maybe there is a lesson to learn from it on some cosmic level?
Just sayin', but don't quote me on that;-)

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