" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 15, 2018

Cuttlefish are the Rockstar Aliens of the Sea?

Budgy smugglers?
A budgy pecking at a cuttlebone ... ouch?
I just wrote a post about "budgy smugglers" last night -
Things Go Better with cOKe?
RUOK with wearing "budgy smugglers"?-)
And then I get up this morning and see a story about cuttlefish at the ABC news website -
Cuttlefish are the rockstar aliens of the sea — and we don't know why they're increasing in numbers
I'm dead against keeping birds in a cage, but I'm sure you have seen caged birds like the ones above pecking and rubbing their beaks against a cuttlebone before.
I was thinking how the cuttlefish would be a great mascot for RUOK Day, as they have the uncanny ability to blend into their immediate environment.
Plus a pair of "budgy smugglers" with a cuttlefish on the front of them would give them something to keep their pecker in good shape;-) 
This budgy is all barred up over that idea methinks;-) 
A scene from the movie 'Tea and Sympathy'
I mentioned the album and movie both named 'Tea and Sympathy' in that last post, and while I have never watched the movie I take it by the trailer that the young man in the movie is bullied for being feminine, but looks like he gets the sympathy and the woman in the end.
So I like in the cuttlefish news article where it is written -
"We know that cuttlefish come to this breeding aggregation to mate using a range of amazing strategies and behaviours — for example, small males impersonate females to avoid detection by larger males and gain access "under cover".
Because the population on the breeding aggregation is skewed towards males
(an average of four to one), females have some choice over who they mate with.
After mating takes place, females deposit eggs on the underside of rocks.

A scene from the movie 'Tea and Sympathy'
"The past is holding on so tight
I never heard the warning bell..."
Make that 49 today
And happy birthday for today Bernard.
I just want to wish you well;-)
Cheers and have a good one.
And let's put a bit of space between us and our ex's;-)

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