" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 17, 2018

Mania Sets the Stage for Synchronicity?

Just what kind of mania I wonder;-) 
I listened to an interesting talk today at Dr. Bernie Beitman's podcast site with James S Williford, MD about mania setting the stage for synchronicity -
CCBB: James S Williford, MD - Mania Sets the Stage for Synchronicity
"James Williford, was born in Stuttgart, Germany, as a military dependent.
He is the fourth of five children.
When he was young, he did not realize that he was mildly dyslexic.
James did know that he was a slow reader compared to his peers and older siblings.
While he enjoyed the literary arts when listening, this reading problem facilitated his direction towards basic science and playing musical instruments mostly by ear.
Also, he had little interest in psychology until his first manic episode."
I'm actually more of a fan of 'Pink Floyd' than 'The Beatles', but everything is connected anyway, right?-)
While I am a fan of 'The Beatles' music I'm certainly not manic about it.
It was John's contribution to the band that did it for me.
When they split it was John's music I followed as he was the thinker in the band, I think.
The others just wrote "Pop songs", while John wrote profound songs.
Maybe you can tell I favour John Lennon and 'Pink Floyd' more than 'The Beatles' just by looking closely at my blog?-)
When it comes to shrinks though I'm no real fan of 'Pink Freud' and much more a fan of Jung.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
But what's a mushroom?

UPDATE: 18th August, 2018
After writing the above post and listening to a guy in the You Tube below (around the 14 minute mark) talk about looking up an unusual word and then see it or hear it that same day, I picked up and continued the book I had been reading and when I hit page 96 of 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' saw the word "Beatlemania" a word I had no idea would be in that book.
I used that Terence McKenna video in my post  -
"Science is Really the Plumbing Level of Reality" Terence McKenna
But that is far from the only synchronicity I have had since reading this book.
I outlined a few other synchs I had while reading and writing about this book in this recent post -
Notes on a Nervous Planet?


Dennis/87 said...

Dude, John was the shizzle. I cried when he left us. The Floyd is the shizzle. Music with intelligence squared. Floyd is the pen-ultimate art rock. Darren, you sure process this reality to the max, I greatly enjoy your web presence. To shine forth is key! 87

Delorus said...

I don't know if this is synchronicity or stupidity but I had you two guys mixed up for the longest time! I have you sorted out now. I cried when John died too. we share October 9 as the birthday. Dennis I love your positive heart too.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

You thought I was Dennis?!
We couldn't be further apart, not ideologically, but physically on this planet.
Dennis lives in the USA and I live in Australia.
And Dennis is probably way more positive than I am.
Although, my positive/negative attitude to life could be summed up by Dennis's Yin/Yang avatar I guess.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Actually Delorus I just had a Darren/Dennis synchronicity after writing that comment above.
I went outside to get some sun and read a book of short stories I bought in Byron Bay called 'The Hunter' written by a Brisbane author named David Cohen.
In one short story titled 'The Man Who Looked a Bit Like George Harrison' the main guy in the story is named Darren and the story takes place on the bus I would catch if I were to take a bus from the city to my place.
The other story I read was titled 'Pioneer' and is about a guy named Dennis who takes pine logs from a council fence to build a log cabin in his backyard and gets caught by a guy who finds his baseball cap with Dennis's name and phone number written in it.
I'm actually working on a few posts about this book now, so I guess there is one more post for me to write now involving that book.